Thursday, August 02, 2007

I cant beleive I forgot this in the post...One of the BEST things happend yesterday!! A lot of people take hugs from their kids for granted...NOT ME, only because Jacob does not give hugs. For some reason autistic kids do not like to be touched, im not sure the reason, but he doesnt give hugs and if you try he will cry. But yesterday ALL DAY he gave me about 10 hugs!! I was SO HAPPY!! I cried almost every time I got a hug from him. Then we went to my parents house and he gave my dad 2 big hugs which is VERY unusual. My dad was very happy as well and kept telling Jake how proud he was of him =) We are so happy for Jake and hope that it doesnt stop. I love getting hugs from my little guy.
Yesterday Jacob started his first day of therapy! He had ABA which is a behavior therapy type thing. He goes Monday-Wednesday and has ABA for an hour and a half a day, and then has music therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy for an hour after each ABA session. Then yesterday, we also got hab and respite approved. I have a lady coming over from where we are doing Hab today so that we can fill out forms for the girl to start. She is going to be working wtih Jake 3 hours a day on the off days of ABA so thursday and friday and maybe some saturdays. She is actually in my ward and loves Jake. She has been coming over on her own time just to kinda work with him and observe him. So we are excited to get her to start with us and to get paid!! The place where I have Jake for therapy is called L.I.F.E. Center. They are brand new...just opened up yesterday actually. They have the best equiptment around and I am so excited for us to be going there. Everything is going so smooth there is no doubt in my mind this is where we are supposed to be...and this is what we are supposed to be doing for Jacob.
We are having such a hard time with his behaviors. I started writing down everything he does to Tyler or another child so that I can show the doc that he is really bad. Not very many people believe me on how aggressive he is because its mostly done at home. When we go out, he is very quiet and shy because he doesnt like meeting new people. But once he knows you are a good person, he will not be shy anymore, and show his real self...haha. Lately he has been obsessed with numbers. He is constantly asking me what time it is...or he will tell me what time it is. He knows almost every channel on the TV just if you tell him to turn it to a channel you dont even have to tell him what number it is, he already knows and will turn it there. Its not because we watch a lot of tv he will just flip through the channels for hours if I let him. Its a little anoying at times, but these are the things I just have to learn to deal with.
Well I better go get this house clean for the ladies who are coming over...I really dont want to get up and do that...haha. I just wish it would clean itself...that would be nice.


Katie Peterson said...

I bet you will LOVE his respite worker! I have a friend who has boy with oral praxia & she has a respite worker who comes & gives her a break & she loves it! It is so nice that the state does so much for kids with special needs-I have witnessed it first hand with Caleb & his speech issues. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you & what you have to go through every day. You are a very special mom & person that is for sure!!

Bonnie said...

Hi Brittney, it's Bonnie Harkey (Megan Beals mom). I read your blog through Megan's and just thought I'd tell you how impressed I am with you and your endeavors with your little guys' struggles. I know it's not easy but you hang in there and give yourself some credit. Sounds like you are awesome!! Oh - tell your parents "hi". Hope they are doing good too.