Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! I know we sure did.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today we had to get Jacob's blood drawn for some of the blood tests that we have to do. So we went in there and he was pretty nervous. He started crying when they put the needle in and then as soon as he saw the blood go in the vials he was fine. He thought it looked so cool that his "bleed" was going in the vials. So they had to take 3 tubes of blood from him. The first 2 were fine. Then she put the 3rd one in. And all of a sudden the blood stopped coming. So she jiggled the needle a little bit and put it in and out and still nothing. Jacob started screaming because he was really scared. All of a sudden he just went limp in my arms!! He had passed out!! I wont lie...I was really scared when it hap pend. Then a few seconds later when he woke up I was laughing because it was kinda funny. And those who know tom....knows that he HATES needles. And he will pass out just seeing them. So Jacob passing out was just funny because his daddy does the same thing. Then when I tried to tell Tom the story he made me stop in the middle of it because just talking about needles was making him light headed haha.

Tomorrow we go in for Jacob's MRI. And that I am pretty scared about. They are putting him out so they can do everything fine without having to worry about him. I am glad they are putting him out before they put the IV in or else he would probably pass out for them too.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jacob has a new love. Its a little crazy and I'm not sure where this came from. But he LOVES infomercials!! He will actually sit and watch them and soak up all the info and then come tell me all about it. Well since Toms birthday is on Saturday, Jacob has been on the lookout for the perfect present. Well last night I think he found it (so he thinks). It was an infomercial about a sandwich maker. He told me about it for a good 5 min and if we were in the market for a new sandwich maker I would of been sold. Although, it doesn't take much to sell me on things if a 6 yr old can do it haha.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I couldn't put more pictures on the last post so here is a Halloween post. Our Halloween was a lot of fun. We all dressed up this year. Jacob was a rocker, Tyler was a dinosaur, Tom was a scary clown, and I was a hippy. We did things a little differently this year. Usually we go to my moms house and T or T in her neighborhood. But this year Jacobs little friend Max told his mom that he wanted us to come T or T with them this year. And because of the difficulties our kiddoes have with socializing and friends....we both thought this was huge! So the boys talked about it for a few weeks...every day at school and we knew this is something we needed to do for them. So we got together with them and had a great time. Us parents put on a pretty fun Halloween party for the kids at school. And boy were we tired after the party was done! I give those teachers lots of credit for having to do this every day. So here are some pictures of our Halloween.

This is toms scary costume. He dressed up for our wards Halloween party. The young men do a haunted house every year and tom loves to dress up and be involved since hes in the scouts with them.

This is a picture of Jacob and Max...his best friend. Max was a bloody doctor...haha.

This is max's cute little sister anna. She was a mermaid. Her and Tyler are the same age.

These are the pictures of Jacob's school party.

This is his whole class.

This is his classroom before they all came in to see the party. We surprised them with everything. None of the kids knew what was going on.

Here is me and 2 of the other moms. We were trying to be scary...aren't you guys scared?? haha
This is Jacob with 2 of his therapists. Well the cat one is his occupational therapist Becky and the witch is not his therapist but she treats him like her own. She is an awesome person!! Her name is Erin. And I'm not to sure who the other boy was one of Becky's clients.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We had good luck going to the re eval appt and everything worked out great and we got another diagnosis. So thats all taken care of and we are so excited. Then we went to his orth appt and just what we figured, he has to get orthotics in his shoes. Thats not a big deal...its just going to be expensive so if anyone wants to donate money ill take it...haha. The nuro appt...its going to have to wait until we get some more news. We have to get Jacob some blood work done and an MRI. I am a little worried about the MRI because they will have to put him out for that. Here are a few pictures of the past few weeks. I just downloaded all the pictures off my camera.

Tyler and I had a fun playdate with Sharon and Rebecca a while ago at McD's. They were so cute and had a lot of fun together. I thought this picture was cute...and that other little boy was just someone there that wanted in the picture.

We went camping a few weeks ago and when we were driving back we got a flat tire!!! Thats what we get for parking our car in the a bunch of glass.