Saturday, August 11, 2007

So the bus FINALLY came for Jacob yesterday! YAY! I guess when the bus dropped him off thursday afternoon, the bus driver said that he was just put on her bus. She didnt have him on her list or anything. So she said that she would just come take him to school and take him home every day. So yesterday morning she came and got him! I was so happy and excited, and so was he! He loves riding the bus so it was fun for him.

Thursday night, I was in my room, watching tv. I didnt even think that it was past the boys bedtime. So I went out in the front room because it was really quiet, to find this! I had to wake them up to put the jammies on and put them back in their bed, but this picture was too funny not to take.

Also, yesterday was haircut day! Tyler got a haircut FINALLY! We went to a place called Lolilocks or something like that and that place is awesome!! It is totally kid frendly and the lady who cut tylers hair was really good with him and cut his hair fast so that he wouldnt cry too much. Of course, he cried almost the whole time but I didnt care because thats what this place is used to since its all for kids. Here are some pictures of his cute new hair!


Shelly Lomu said...

I think that is the worst haircut I have ever seen. His last stylist was WAY better. Lolilocks-how LAME!!!!! I love when kids fall asleep before bedtime and you dont have to go through all the crap of putting them to bed. Im glad the bus situation got worked out. That totally sucks. Didnt you have the same problem last year?? How is it with only one kid all day?? Must be soooo nice.

Haylee Gabrielle said...

i'm glad the bus driver finally came! lol!!

that pic is cute. :o)

i love tyler's haircut!! cute!!

take care :o)

Katie Peterson said...

Man your kids must have been tired! Don't you love it when they fall asleep on their own & you don't have to wrestle them to bed. I love having the bus pick up/drop off Caleb at our door too! Its so great!