Monday, August 27, 2007

So I got a new calling at church. I was called to teach the little sunbeams (the 4 yr olds) in primary! I am actually kinda excited. Next Sunday should be interesting being in there with them but I cant wait! Tyler will be in there in 2 years and now I get to be in singing time with Jacob and keep an eye on him.
Speaking of Jacob...we have been having the worst time at school. He has been hitting, and not paying attention, and just not being a very good kid =( I now have to sign a conduct chart and the teacher will put a red dot for having a bad day and a green dot for a good day. I am trying to not dwell on it, but its hard not to. I know when he is a good boy we have to do something extra good so that he knows that he was a good boy and that he understands that you always need to be good. He doesnt understand that hes being bad when he hits...and his teacher just needs to realize that.
Oh, and his bday is tomorrow! I cant believe im going to have a 5 yr old!!! I feel so old! We were going to do a big ol thing at peter piper pizza but we were all sick this past week and I didnt get anything ready...and he really doesnt care as long as he has presents and cake. So we will just have something with our little family here tomorrow and he will be just as happy.
Hope everyone is having a good monday!


Shelly Lomu said...

Happy Birthday Jake. I hope he has a fun day and I hope he starts to do better in school. I thought he was in a special class that helps with his behavior issues? Good luck with that.

Missy said...

Happy Birthday Jake! That is exciting. Sometimes low-key parties are the best. Hope all goes well. And hope that the school thing gets better for him. You are a really good Mom, keep it up!

Carlie said...

well I hope he had a happy birthday. I cant believe that he is already 5 years old. man, time flies. I hope that he starts doing better in school. Keep up the good work. I know its hard, but you guys can do it and u will get thrrough it.

Haylee Gabrielle said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!!! :o)

I'm sorry he's not doing so well in school, but you guys will get through it. Never doubt yourself. You're doing a great job.

Good luck with the 4 yr old class at church.


Katie Peterson said...

Have a fun day celebrating his birthday! That must be so frustrating...but know it can only get better, right? Change is always hard for anyone...its a good thing he has been blessed with such a great mama!

Abby Runyan said...

I hope Jacob has a good birthday. I wish that teachers were better educated about autism so they would understand more. It actually makes me furious that they aren't since so many children have this disorder. I think you will see major improvement in him with the therapy he is going to get. Joseph has been getting PT, OT, and special insturction since October and we have seen lots of improvments. Hang in there I know it's so hard. Every sigle bit of it. We have are good days a lots and lots of bad ones, but I'm confident it will get better.