Friday, December 28, 2007

3 years ago today I had a little baby. Its 6:23 am right now and im reflecting over what took place at this time in the morning. 3 am on the 28th I woke up and I was all wet. I had no idea what was going on and thought that I must of just peed (yep gross...but if your a mom you understand haha) so I went to the bathroom and nope it wasn't pee. So I went back to bed. 20 min later I woke up again all wet. So I got up and walked around to see if it would never did. This was a month before I was supposed to have him. 3 weeks earlier I was in the hospital for pre term labor. About 6 am I wake up Tom and tell him whats going on. He says lets go to the hospital and I say no...its ok its nothing. Well we end up calling my mom and she tells me to hurry to the hospital. I still didn't want to go but my mom made me go...haha. So we did at 10 am. When we got there they did a test to see if my water had broke or not. One test came back positive one came back negative. So they just treated me like my water broke. I was scheduled to have a c section exactly a month before on Jan. 28th. So they just went ahead and was going to give me a c section. My sister had her baby on the 23rd and we share the same doctor. He said that he was about to leave on vacation and so I knew he wasn't there. As soon as we got to the hospital my contractions were getting bad. They had me in triage until an OR room would open up. They wouldn't even give me an epidural because they didn't want it waring off before they did the surgery. about 1 pm they finally came in and said that there is a room open and we can go do it now. So we finally went and they tried to give me a spinal. But I couldn't move forward because my contractions were so strong. When he went to do the cuts he said...this baby's head is right here what do you want to do? I took a few seconds to decide if I wanted to just push him out or have the c section and as I was thinking the nurse said his heart rate is in the 40's someone call NICU. So at that time I said...I don't care just get him out. So they pushed his head back up and took him out by a c section. Because they did that, it cut my uterus in 4 different places and I had an additional 3 hour surgery to repair it.

When Tyler came out he was not breathing. They had to take him up to NICU and get air to him. He was only up there for 3 hours and was fine the rest of the time. When he was born he only weighed 6 lbs 2 oz. When we took him home he went down to 5 lbs 10 oz.


We have been through so much with him and his short 3 years. To genetic testing appts (go to the first posts ive done on here to read up on that) to him not walking till 18 now, being a car loving kid.


Everyone who meets tyler is just falls right in love with him. He just has this sweet spirit and always has a smile



Even on his first bday when he was sick with RSV he was still happy


There is so much I could say about Tyler. He definitely is a blessing to have in our house and I'm glad hes my son. Happy 3rd birthday Tyler...we love you!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Well I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I know that we sure did!! The kids had a great Christmas and they made out pretty well. My camera is out of commission right now so I'm going to try to get some pictures off of my video camera. We took a lot of video of Christmas so we wont ever forget it.

One great thing that happened this past week was that Jacob's therapy teacher said that she think he is FINALLY ready to go to school!! That has to be the best news Ive heard in a long time. So hopefully he will be good and ready to go in August when the new school year starts. He is going to a charter school that his therapy center is opening up starting next week so hopefully that will be the true test of how he will do. And I'm sure he will do great. He is so smart and is just soaking up all the info he can. He wants to learn all the time so I know this will be great for him.

Every Christmas Eve we have a little party with my dads side of the family. This year when we went, we were surprised to see my cousin Chelsea. She is in the Marines and stationed in Japan somewhere. Well she was there and it was so nice to see her. I think, from what they said, that she is going to be stationed in Yuma now so that's really nice. I am so proud of her and all that she is doing. She is not one that you would think would join the military but she did...and I think that's awesome!!

Friday is Tylers 3rd bday. We don't really have anything big planned for his special day. My sister Shelly will be here visiting and her little guy turned 3 on the 23rd so maybe we will celebrate both of their bdays together. We will probably just have cake and ice cream...nothing to big but im excited for him to be 3. And starting in the new year, he will be in my sunbeam class. I am not sure how I feel about that, but I guess time will tell. I think things will be fine and im excited to get a new class of kids. But I will sure miss my kids we have now. They are all 4 so they will be moving up.

Then on Saturday we are having a family reunion. Its my Grandma Johnson's 100th bday. She passed away 7 years ago (I think?) and I actually am kind of excited. I never really got to know a lot of my cousins on that side, so now that we are all grown up, it will be fun to see where everyone is. I know a lot of them are here in Arizona so I need to make a better effort to get to know them since there are a lot of them.

Well I guess that's it for us, for now. I will post again with some pictures of Christmas if I can get them up soon.

Monday, December 10, 2007

So im a slacker on updating...I know! But really there is not much to blog about.

We just got done with our FHE. Tonight we made sugar cookies and then decorated them. Tyler wanted nothing to do with it. For some reason he would gag every time I had him take a bite. But he loved the frosting and kept licking it off of his fingers. Definintly a fun thing to do with kids. Next we are going to attempt making a gingerbread house. We had planned on going to look at Christmas lights but its raining so we decided not to.

The 8th was our 6th wedding anniversary. I cant believe we have been married that long. For our anniversary we went to our ward Christmas party...haha. We are going out on Wednesday for dinner. It seems like every year we have something on our anniversary so that we cant ever go the night of. But thats alright because we had a great time at the Christmas Party.

Here are a few pictures ive taken over the past little bit that I havent posted about yet.

A few days ago Tyler and I were eating Oreo's. We have had a lot of flies in our house because ive just been keeping our back door open because Tyler is in and out all day so its just easier to keep it open. Plus it feels so good outside. I got up for about 10 min and came back to find this in my was so gross!!!

It was bedtime and I was making my rounds to rooms to make sure the boys were asleep. Tyler shares a room with the playroom and I went into his room and found this...I guess he was just wanted to play a little bit longer and was way to tired.

A few of you might be in these pictures...I tried scanning them to put them on my computer but for some reason they were not scanning so I decided to take pictures of them. It was way to dark if I turned off the flash but then the flash light showed if I deal with the flash light...haha. This is my first grade class picture. Mrs White was the best teacher ever!! And im sure everyone who had her thought the same thing.

This next one is one of our softball teams. Not my fav team but it was a lot of fun. I sucked so bad at softball but I had a lot of fun and I guess thats what counts

When I was like 5 I was riding my bike and I was talking to someone (I really cant remember who it was I think it was one of the Worthen Girls) Anyways and I crashed into a parked car...haha oops. And this was the end result of that. Sooo sad =( Ok, so you cant really tell whats wrong but I had to get stitches in my head and my lip was all ripped up.