Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Well here is another Birthday post. Most of my familys birthdays are in the summer so there is gonna be lots of these...haha.

Today is my oldest nephew Noah's Birthday!!! This is Shelly's oldest. He is turning 9!

Happy Birthday Noah! We wish we were there celebrating it with you guys. We sure miss you.

Love you!!

Britney, Tom, Jake, and Tyler

Monday, May 26, 2008

I just wanted to write a quick post and say Happy Birthday to my brother MIKE!!!

Sorry mike, this is the only picture I have of you...haha.
Mike has been such a great big brother, and I really appriciate that. He has also been an even better unkie! My boys love him so much, expecially Tyler. Tyler has this special bond with Mike and its so sweet to see how much love he has for his unkie. And it is also great that we just live around the corner from them, so we can see them whenever we want. Every morning we would see unkie going to work when we would take Tom to work...and my boys would always yell "bye unkie have a good day" even when we wouldnt see him, they would still yell that. I know he could not hear them but it was still funny to hear them say that.
So Happy Birthday Mike! Hope you have a great day today.

Monday, May 19, 2008

We had such a fun weekend!!! We got our tax check thing and so we decided to head up to Flagstaff for the weekend. We haven't been on a real family vacation in 2 years and so we figured this would be the perfect time. Ive been to Flagstaff a few times but ive never really been there. Just passing through type thing. So it was fun to actually go and be able to see the sites and explore. Friday night when we got there, we kinda got lost. We couldn't find our hotel and it seemed like the whole thing was getting off to a bad start. We finally found it and we were actually pretty surprised at how nice it was. So we decided to go to dinner since it was already around 6 and the kids were cranky and were mommy and daddy..haha. We wanted to eat at different places every meal that they don't have here in the valley. And so we both wanted to eat at Sizzler. Since they used to have one here and they shut it down....I've been wanting to go back there and eat. BIG MISTAKE!!!! The food was HORRIBLE! We both got steaks and they were so dry and chewy...not worth the money at all. The best part of dinner was the baked potato and the strawberry lemonades...haha.

Then Saturday we woke up pretty early....hung around the hotel room a bit, and then went to breakfast. They had a really good cont breakfast at this hotel. That saved us some good money im sure haha. We went and ate breakfast and then off we went to go see some stuff. It was about 9am when we headed off and realized it was too early to do anything because things were closed. We went and drove around NAU and looked at the campus and then we found our way to the visitors center to see what was to do around there. We found a little brochure for this mansion thing and it seemed like fun. When we got there I remembered that at state parks you can do this Jr. Ranger thing and when you visit state parks you get a little button pin for the kids and its a fun thing to do. So I had Jacob do it and he was so excited to get his button. We went to take the tour and the mansion was amazing!! It was hard with the kids because you cant touch ANYTHING and of course tyler wanted to touch everything. Jacob was actually very good. He was very calm and stayed by our sides and did not touch a thing. The tour was an hour long so I was very proud of him. When we got done with that we went to best buy for a bit and around the little mall there. When we went to eat lunch there was another couple there from the valley. They told us that we should take the kids up to snowbowl because there are still patches of snow. We thought that was a good idea so we went up there. We had to do a little hiking to get there but once we did it was a lot of fun. Jacob loved the snow. He had so much fun throwing snow balls at us and at the trees. Tyler was not too sure about the snow but he had fun trying to throw snow balls as well. It was just too cold for him. That was about all we did...haha. I know not too exciting but it was a nice relaxing weekend. By Saturday night the kids were asking to go back to our old home. They were ready to come home. Tom and I wanted to live there forever. The weather was SO NICE!!! There was one thing that I could not take if we lived there. And if you have been to flagstaff you will know what im talking about....THE TRAINS!!!! There is a train going past about ever 5 min and no matter where you are, you can see the train and hear it. We went to where the train tracks are at the visitors center and I decided to take the kids to see the train as it passed through. When the train came, they both got freaked out. The looks on their faces were priceless. If you haven't been to flagstaff, I recommend it. It is a little college town but its a lot of fun because of it.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Something happened yesterday morning that I knew was coming, I just prayed and hoped it would never happen. The boys and I went to walmart to get a few things for the week. Normally Jacob is always in the cart but because we had so many things he had to walk. So as we were walking out the door, Tyler stopped the door lady because he wanted a sticker we didn't get when we walked in. So as we are talking to her I look out the door and Jacob just darts across the street like he does every time but this time there was a car and Jacob got hit by a car. The lady that was driving was only going like 10 miles an hour so she was able to stop pretty fast and it only hit the side of him, but he fell to the ground and was crying and really upset, even tho he had no idea what just happened. He was so unaware that there was a car there and that it was going to hit him if he ran in front of it. I kept asking him where it hurt and he said nothing hurt but I took him to the ER anyways just to get checked over. The doc checked him over and did a scan of his head to look for a concussion or something and said that he had a small concussion. He started throwing up yesterday and threw up about 3 times but has been acting perfectly fine. I think it hurt ME more than it did him. To watch my son get hit by a car has to be one of the worst sights I could see. I cried and cried until we saw the doctor and he said he was fine. Then I felt better and I was fine after that. Until the boys were in bed...and it was quiet...and I could just think about what REALLY happened. And then this horrible depression came on and I kept thinking about how it could of been worse and that just tore me up. I am so grateful that it was something so minor. And the fact that bad things just keep happening to us and I don't know when its all going to stop.

I do want to thank everyone who called and came over yesterday. Its nice to know that there are people out there who care about us. Also, Sharon, thank you for coming with us to Chuck E Cheese. We had so much fun and it was so nice to get my mind off of things for a little bit.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy May everyone =) haha

So yesterday was a pretty fun day. Jacob does not have therapy on Wednesdays so I usually dread the day because im usually stressed out. But it was actually a good day yesterday. We started off the day by going to a new therapy appointment. We got Jacob a new physical therapist. She was really nice and we really like her. When she came out she asked me if Jacob had ever had braces on his legs or orthopedics in his shoes. I told her no, no one has ever said he needed them. She told me that his feet are very flat and he walks on the side of his feet on his bones and if he keeps doing that then his feet are going to grow like that and when hes older hes going to have some major problems. So we have to take him to the doc and see what he wants to do. I just picture my son like forrest gump with the braces on his legs...haha.

Then we came home and did some school work and then Jacob's respite guy came and got him and they left for a few hours. When Jacob got home we all took a much needed nap. Although it made me miss something very important for church. We woke up and went and rented a movie from those movie machine things that are only 1.00. Then we had to go to the grocery store so we went to walmart, we came home, I put the movie on for the boys and made them dinner and then by 7pm they were out! Today is going to be a different day, im sure.