Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So I sit down at my computer, and im about to blog about the wonderful monsoon season we are having. I go to turn on the TV and it is on channel 3 and of course they are showing the memorial for the guys who died in the plane crash. For those who havent heard...that dont live in AZ, on Friday there was a car chase in down town Phx. Channel 3 and Channel 15 helicopters collided and killed everyone in the copters. It was a camera guy, and the guy flying in both helicopters. SO sad! I love watching channel 3 news so it was really shocking to me to see these guys die. So I turn on the TV to see this memorial and I am just bawling....its so sad to see everyone crying...even the tough police officers that are there...there is not a dry eye, its a very touching memorial and even though you really don't know these people in person, you got to know them through the TV and its almost like losing a friend.

So anyways...why I came on here to begin with...ha ha. I love the monsoon season!! We have been having some good storms. They said on the news last night that here in Gilbert we got an inch and a half and in Mesa they got an 1.75 inches! Its been a long time since we have had rain like that. I even took pictures because its just so cool to get some good rain!! We always love it here and its always welcome. As long as im not driving in it. I get bad anxiety if I have to drive in the rain! Here are the pictures I took yesterday from my front door!!

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