Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I know I havent blogged in a while...so here is a big update of whats been going on in our lives!!

Valentines day was a good one. My husband is not much of a gift giver and never has been. But this year I got a pretty good gift and he suprised me big time!! He got me an attachment to my bosch mixer. Its the food processer. And its amazing!! It does so much and I dont even know what to do first. I tried making salsa and that really did not turn out very well. If anyone has any salsa recipes please share!!! We love salsa and I would love to have some that I made and not having to go buy it.

Then, Friday night, I heard Jacob screaming in pain. I run to the front room and his foot is all bloody and he has blood all over the floor and the couch and hes screaming in pain. Jacob does not feel a lot of pain so when he is screaming I know it hurts him. So we rush him to the bathtub to put him in and wash off his foot (Thanks to my mom, I know not to put a cut in warm water anymore...haha) and it would not stop bleeding and it actually started to bleed harder. I gave him his meds to calm him down because he was freaking out so bad he was shaking and we couldnt get him to calm down. And then finally we get him to calm down and put a bandaid on his toe and wrapped up and he goes to sleep. Around 11pm he started to wake up and started screaming in pain again. I took off his blanket and it was covered in blood. his toe was still bleeding and was bleeding everywhere! So we took off the bandaid and the wrap and it was really swollen and just looked bad. So we decided to take him to the ER and make sure it was not broken. Well Tom took him and nothing was wrong. Sunday morning he woke up and couldnt even walk on it because it hurt so bad. Then Monday it was perfectly fine...gotta love kids!!!

My cousin Katie had this on her blog so I decided to take this test. I love typing and I know im fast at it but didnt think I was this fast. Can anyone beat me?? I am sure there are lots of people who type faster than me so I want to see it!

84 words

Speed test