Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Doc appt stress

Well the week for our big doc appt is FINALLY here!! I have been stressing out so much about this appt so I can't wait for it to come already. Jake is in so much pain right now. I've never seen him this sick so I know he is very full. Every day, all day, he says he hash jot stomach pain or he has a bad headache. We should of put him in the hospital a few weeks ago bit we have to keep him out of the hospital until after the surgery. He probably needs to be cleaned out before the surgery so we would ha e todo 2 clean outs and we can't do that. Thursday can't come soon enough!! I am so nervous they are going to say we need to be admitted right away. That would put us in the hospital over Christmas and I just can't do that. I need the surgery to be done after the first of the year so that birthdays are done and over with. I will update again on Thursday or Friday with now the appt went!!