Monday, August 13, 2007

Its amazing how much more time I have to do stuff for me, when Jacob is at school. Tyler is such a good kid, he just plays all by himself and never makes a sound. I just can hear the toys banging together in the playroom.
Jacob's bday is coming up in a few weeks YAY!! He is going to be 5! I cant believe im going to have a 5 yr old. I can remember being pregnant with him...and all the crap I went through with his delivery...haha. He hasnt had a birthday party yet. Partly because he really didnt know what a birthday was. But this year he is so into birthdays and loves them. So we want to give him a really good bday party this year!! We will probably do it at Peter Piper Pizza because thats his favorite place to be! We are going to have it on Sept. 1st probably at the PPP on Baseline and Elsworth. I know there are quite a few people with kids (boys or doesnt matter) who read my blog so I want to extend the invite out to everyone!! Just email me ( and let me know if you want to come. Even if I have not seen you in a LONG time, I would love to have a lot of kids there for Jacob!!
So Jakes first few days of school went pretty good I guess. The teacher called me Friday after school just to tell me how must time Jacob takes up of his...haha oops. But then again, we tried telling him that he is like that but no one would listen to us. So they are getting an aid for Jacob so that he doesnt have to take the teachers time away. Then we decided just to keep him half day. I will take him out before or after lunch every day. All this week ill pick him up at 11:30 just because he has therapy at 12:30 in Queen Creek and it takes a while to get there. Oh, speaking of therapy...we went to this evaluation thing Friday night. Its for the habilitator that is going to be working with Jacob. We had to do a series of tests to see what kind of goals we will have for him. A lot of things he could do, but only with verbal ques or she had to do it forst and then he followed after her. They video tapped it and then said that I would get a call back soon after they watched the video and got the goals from that. I hope they call soon because I really want to get him into this therapy! A girl in our ward is going to be doing it so I am excited about the chance im going to get to get to know her better! She was placed in my life for a reason..Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he put us in this ward....and everything we have experienced has been great!!
Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!


Haylee Gabrielle said...

hi brit -- good to hear from you!! i like how you keep it updated. :o)

sounds good about jake and school. is he really liking it?! well at least they're getting him an aide, that is awesome now he'll reap benefits of actual one on one time too. i'm excited for him.

glad you are getting a few moments to yourself also.

take care,

Katie Peterson said...

Don't you just love having some extra quite time when your kids go to school!! I think every mom needs her own quiet time when she can do what she wants like blog! lol

Kaylea said...

Hey Brittney is was good to hear from you. I haven't had time to read your whole blog so I'll have to come back later and read it. I don't have time right now. But, your boys are so cute. thanks for stopping by my blog. Do come back...and I'll be back at yours. happy blogging!