Monday, September 10, 2012

jacob is 10!!

wow its been over a year since ive written in this blog last. ouch! I always say im going to do better but it just never happens. Well Jake just turned 10! I cant believe that im old enough to have a 10 year old!! Way to crazy. I can not believe he is the big 1-0!!! 10 is such a big age! I am so proud of him and the things he has done with these first 10 years. They sure have been a tough one but he is such a superstar dealing with everything that life brings to him. His birthday this year was a little rough. We were in the hospital for most of the day. But a little begging made it so that we got to leave at dinner time and go have a good birthday dinner! Here are 10 things I love about Jake! 1. I love how much he loves music. Its so much fun to play name that tune with him and hear him sing. He is such a good singer and he is so good at remembering lyrics. 2. He is so brave! He goes through so much and he rarely complains. He makes things look easy because he goes through them like nothing! 3. He is sooo tall!! He is already 5 ft!! He is going to pass me up in the next year...I just know it! 4. I love when he gives me hugs. Its not very often I get a hug from him, but when I do...they are the best! 5. He is so smart. Being his "teacher" I get to see just how smart he really is. I love being able to see his face light up when he figures out something new. 6. He is a dish washing maniac! I think he is the only child that LOVES to wash the dishes. He will practically beg me to let him wash the dishes. 7. He is such a friendly kid. He is always saying hi and how are you to everyone we see. 8. He is always so happy. No matter what is going on, he has a smile on his face or he is laughing away. I love seeing his big smile!! 9. I love that he can out eat me! He has a big appetite on his small little body. He can eat just about anything that is put in front of him. He already have a teenage boy appetite. 10. And I love that he is MINE!! I couldn't ask for a better Jacob! He sure does bring my life joy, and I am so glad that I was chosen to be HIS mom!!