Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am sure everyone has heard by now, but if not, Pres. Hinckley died tonight at 7 pm. Here is an article from deseret news in Utah. Its so sad to know that he is gone but then again im so happy that hes going to be able to reunite with his wife!! What a great reunion that must of been for them. It tears me up knowing that he finally got to see his wife again, rather than him passing. He was a great prophet and will not be forgotten!! He has been the only prophet I really remember and there is a lot that I will remember of him. I was telling Tom...just when we finally get the little kids to know who the prophet is, we have to start telling them something different...haha. Poor kids!! I work with the sunbeams so its gonna be interesting trying to explain to them that the prophet had passed away.

RIP Pres. Hinckley!!! We love you

I just copied this picture off of an email that I got from LDSLiving and I just LOVE it. I put it at the bottom of my blog also.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ok so my cousin Katie tagged me on her blog. Sooo here I go!

Here are the rules:-Link to the person who tagged you.-Leave a comment on their blog so that their readers can visit yours.-Post the rules on your blog.-Share the seven (7) most famous or infamous people you have met. Or go with the original 7 weird things about yourself.-Tag 7 random people at the end of your post.-Include links to their blogs.-Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Well ive not met 7 famous I guess im going to have to do the 7 things about myself.

1. Growing up I always knew I would have a special needs sort of child. In elementary I was always helping out with the special needs class, in Jr High I was in a class that helped out the special needs there and ive always just had a love for these kids. I am so glad that my child is not severe as those that I have seen in school and through out my life. Its hard enough dealing with him as he is!

2. Right at this moment, my eyes hurt so bad. I just want to go back to sleep...haha.

3. I am so fed up with Public schools here and them not wanting to listen to me and ask me my opinion on everything. They think they know what is the best for my child when they really dont.

4. Right now, Jacob is mopping the whole kitchen floor...without being asked. I love that he loves to clean! And he does a good job too. I think hes OCD about things being clean and im far from that.

5. Ok this one might be a little emberassing...haha but I still sleep with a blanket my grandma made me a LONG time ago. It was the last blanket she made before she died and its very special to me. So I still sleep with it and I cant go to sleep unless I have it.

6. My house needs to be decorated so bad but I have no sence of decoration that I have no idea what to do or where to start (anyone wanna help me??? )

7. I dislike doing laundry. I dont like folding it, hanging it up, putting it in the washer/dryer..nothing about it. Right now I have 2 hampers full of laundry just sitting there and I keep putting it off as long as I can.

When I tag, I like it to have a theme...hehe. So the people I tag are all people I went to school with.

Katie P
Ranee (Ok, so I didnt go to school with you but thats ok hehe)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tonight I had one of the best nights in a long time. My aunt and uncle just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!! And my cousins threw them a little party. Well Tom is gone tonight with the scouts camping so I was just gonna hang out with the boys since ive had a bad week I just wanted to stay at home. Well my mom called me and said...suprise Shelly and Avery are here! So im getting a babysitter for your boys and avery and you guys are gonna go to the party. So I went and im SO GLAD I did!! We had such a fun time and I got to hang out with my cousins that I never get to see. They had a dinner, a little talking about how WONDERFUL my aunt and uncle are, and then we played games. There were 5 tables and each table had different games. I played a game that i've never played before and it was so much fun! I cant remember the name now haha. Im going to go to the store and try to find it, and then ill post the name of it. It was a lot of fun to get out of the house without the boys and get some much needed time away.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am so excited. Tonight is....

AMERICAN IDOL!!!! I love AI and I have been waiting for it to come back on! I especially love watching these next few weeks when they do the auditions. I like to predict who will be in the top 12 and who will win it. Tom actually predicted that Jordyn would win and he stuck with it the entire year.

Sorry I haven't updated lately. I got really sick last week. I had strep throat and a sinus infection all at the same time. It was not fun one bit! But hopefully im all better now.

Nothing has really been going on here. I am not sure if I wrote about this or not, but we got Jacob on a new medicine. It was working SO GOOD!! Everyone that works with him always tells me how great hes doing. He always got good reports home and he was so calm and just good. Well we went last week to get it refilled and come to find out, no insurance companies cover this drug!! I am so mad and frustrated. We finally found one that works really well and of course, we cant get it anymore. So we are back to working with him on trying to control his hyperactivity and his focus. I guess they have been doing some sensory work with him at therapy and its working so we may go back to doing that again here.

Oh...I just remembered something I forgot to write about. A month or so ago, we took Jacob to a psych because of his aggression. His dev. ped wanted to put him in a mental institution because one day, when he got mad at me, he told me he wanted to kill me. I told that to his DP and she told me that saying it just once is reason enough to put him in there. I told her NO I was not going to let her do that. So we agreed to go see a psych and see if there is anything they suggest. So we go, and of course Jacob has to be the best hes ever been. He looks at her when he talks and he answers all of her questions and then goes and plays with a puzzle. She told me that she did not think he had autism because he looked at her when he was talking to her and that he never regressed on anything when he was younger. She told me that ALL autistic kids regress on speech or something. I laughed about that because no 2 autistic kids are the same. There is no defining factor on what makes a child have autism. So then we get to talking about the meds that hes on and I told her that hes really calm because of it. Well she tells me that the autistic traits he has are because of his ADHD...not the other way around. I started to think about it a little bit and figured she must be right. So then we talk about his aggression. She thinks he might have anxiety. Which is what his DP thought we may go on with that but im not pressing anything. So she prescribes him a drug called Rispidal. Its to help calm and not be so aggressive and anxious. When he was on it...things were great. He was not aggressive...did not hurt tyler, I didn't hear any tantrums, no pounding on walls and throwing things when he was mad. But if I missed a dose it would get really bad. I was giving him .25 mg 3 times a day. And on top of that his vyvanse for his ADHD. So last week, we went to his DP appt again and I told her everything that we talked about at this other appt. And she was beyond upset at this doctor. For one..we were giving Jacob basically 2 of the same meds and we never knew it. So he was getting the same med twice basically. and the dosage that the psych prescribed is VERY strong for a little 5 yr old boy with no meat on his bones. So now we have to go get his blood tested to make sure everything in his body is running fine. I guess the reason why he would get so violent and angry when he didn't have it was because of the withdrawal. He was already addicted to it just being on it that short of time. I haven't given it to him since and I don't think I will anymore. He is back to being on no meds right now so we have to figure out another plan to get him calm and back to focusing so that we can get him ready to go back to school next year.