Thursday, April 26, 2007

There is lots to post about today! But the best one of all is Tyler went potty TWICE!! YAY Tyler!! Lets hope that it stays and he can be potty trained. I would love to have no kids in diapers!

So American Idol last was interesting. Of course it was sad and I cried almost the entire show but I dont like when tv shows do stuff like that. Its like lets take pitty on those who are in a whole lot worse conditons we are in and make people donate money. It worked...I wanted to give everything we had to these kids in Africa. I didnt send any money but if I had more than what I have now, I definintly would! I think its really cool that they didnt boot anyone off either. I was in suspense when Jordin almost got kicked off. I dont think she is going to win it all but she sure has some great talent. And of course shes from Arizona so I have to root for her. But Tom is obsessed with her....haha. He thinks that she has to win it all and if she doesnt he wont watch anymore. I think she has some great talent but the other 2 girls on there are a little better...I think. Plus shes only 16 yrs old!! She will have a great carreer no matter what happends to her!!

So last night we were asleep like most people and the phone rings! I shoot right up and go to answer the phone. I was scared to death that it was something important. I looked at the clock and it was 1:43 am. Well when I got to the phone it was too late and already kicked back to the answering maching. So I wait a min to see if they leave a message and they dont. I looked at the caller ID and it said unavailable so I started to get a little concerned. So I go back to bed and the next thing I know, the phone is ringing again!! So I go run to get the phone and again, I miss it. I look at the clock and it was now 1:52 am. So I take the phone with me because im sure they will call again. I go back to bed and Tom was like well who was it? I told him I didnt know and that the next time the phone rings hes answering it. And like 2 min later the phone rings again but stops after 1 ring. So we go back to bed and about a half hour later it rings again. So we finally answer it...AND ITS THE WRONG NUMBER!!! I was so mad and Tom was like...quit calling us!!! And they stopped. But I freaked out because I thought it was someone that was trying to break into our house or something...haha. I am so paranoid that something like that is going to happen. I guess its all the scary movies that I watch.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ive got a shout out for this website that I just found. Its called it is one of the coolest websites out there!!! Its not only for mormons but it has some churchy things in it. You will spend hours just looking through everything in this website. They have this recipe part that has some really fun recipes. Even a section for kid frendly recipes. They have a section for birthday cakes that give you some pretty good ideas. I am going to make Jacobs birthday cake this year...well im going to attempt it anyways. So I will take some ideas off of that probably. They also have frugal camping! We are planning on going camping this weekend or next so I am going to use some of those ideas also! I hope you enjoy the website!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Well Tom came home Friday night! And ever since then we have had a non stop weekend!! Friday night we had this silent auction and bbq at church! I won 3 babysitting sessions for 4 hours each!! WOOHOOO not sure what we will do for those 4 hours but im s ure we can figure out something. I also won a yard job by one of the young men. Then I went to pick up Tom at the airport. I got really lost when I went to find the underground parking. Then when I got there I couldnt find him anywhere. I finally did and he said he had been waiting there for an hour because his plane got in early. So we went to find his luggage and we could only find 1 of them. Finally we found both and we went out to get the car...and of course we cant find that either!!! So it took us like a half hour to find the car. Finally we were off to go home. Then Saturday I helped my parents paint their old house for a few hours and then we went to IKEA. That is always a bad idea to go there...haha. Now I want to re do my whole house!

I love Sundays! They are one of my favorite days because I get to just sit and relax and hang out with the family. Usually on Sundays we will bake cookies or something and play some games and color or go on a family walk...stuff like that. But one thing I dont do is clean! I think this is the day to relax and make sure that my family is happy. But WHY does everyone insist on coming over on sundays?? We had our home teachers come over this afternoon and I felt so bad because my house was a wreck. But he comes over on sundays every time!! One day he will learn that if he comes on a regular day, my house will be cleaner and we will all be happy. Except today was a nice visit. Both boys were asleep so we got to listen to the lesson actually!!

So Tyler is 2 1/2 and I had this idea that I was going to start to potty train him. Jacob had already potty trained himself by now so I figured now is a good time. He is showing lots of signs and seems like hes ready!! Boy was I wrong! I think we will wait for a while. He pooped all over our tile and peed on our carpet. So I am done until he can potty train himself...haha.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today has been another busy day! But a very fun day. Jacob had school today so we all woke up around 7 and then got him breakfast and ready for school. While he was at school Tyler and I didnt do much of anything. When Jacob got home from school we went off to go eat lunch with Grandma (my mom). When we got there she was not home so we waited for a little bit and played with toys while we waited for grandma. Then when she got home we left. We went to the bookstore so my mom could get a few things and the boys got some books. We needed new books for church and so we got Jacob a bible quiet book and Tyler got the Bible ABC's and they both share a spiderman coloring book. Then we went to dinner at My Big Fat Greek Resturaunt. I love that place its so good!!! THe kids really like it as well. And then when we left there we went to Toy-R-Us and Jacob got a new leapster game and Tyler got a little truck set that has horses with it. Then we came home and played with our new toys. So not much has happend today but it has been a great day. Both boys have been angels and we have had no meltdowns today! YAY!!! I love when we have great days like that. Daddy gets home tomorrow so we are excited about that. So we have lots to do tonight before he gets home.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh, what a day!!! We have been busy and thats a good thing. Jacob did not have school today and so those days are usually very hectic. I like to be out of the house when he doesnt have school because it helps him not be so crazy!!

This morning I was making waffles. As I was getting the waffles cooked I set out the butter and syrup. Well, I turn my back to the kids and go back to the waffles and I hear the kids outside. I was just thinking of how good they were playing together and how much fun they were having when I hear tyler screaming. So I go out there to see Jacob with the bottle of syrup and him and tyler were covered from head to toe in syrup!!! The whole brand new bottle was empty! I was so mad!!! I put Jacob in time out and then threw the kids in the bath tub. It took them about 20 min to get the stickyness off of their bodies.

We are in an awesome playgroup. I have searched and searched to find a good one and I am so excited to of found a great one. These ladies are so wonderful and so understanding to Jacobs needs and they are great with him. Well every month they have this birthday celebration type thing for all of the kids and adults bdays that happend in that month. Well today was the bday celebration for April. It was a lot of fun and Jacob did really good there. I sometimes have a hard time with him because he is so much bigger than all of the other kids. He usually takes away toys from the kids because thats just part of the autism thing, I guess. He doesnt understand that the kids are playing with the toys and that he just cant take it out of their hands. We had a little bit of that but it wasnt too bad...I was so proud of him and how he acted today. Then after that we went to goodwill. I love that store because you can get clothes for kids so cheap there. My kids are very rough on their clothes so they stain them and get holes in them almost every day! Well while we were there Jacob had a meltdown because I was going to make him ride in the cart and he did not want to. So after his meltdown was over I let him walk. Well that was a big mistake because as I was looking through some clothes he had wandered off. Thats a big autism thing, is wandering. And I know that and he has a big wandering problem but I didnt know that it would be that bad since he was standing next to me. Well I look all over the store and he is pulling off every single shirt off of the hangers where the womens clothes were!!! I just wish there was one day that we go somewhere and he acts perfectly fine!!! I am getting so stressed out with Tom being gone. I have to be with these kids 24/7 and its really tiring sometimes! I am going to need a big break when he gets home!

AHHHH it never im writing this Jacob just ripped Tylers backpack off of his back and then pushed tyler down. Why does he do this stuff? I guess thats just something im going to have to research on kids with autism...who knows if its that or just Jacob being mean.

Please pray that our night goes ok and that they sleep!! They havent slept since daddy left on Saturday morning. I am very tired and I just want a full nights sleep!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I started this blog a while ago. Tyler was going through MANY genetic testing and so I wanted something to just put my feelings out there and give me some therapy. we are going through some rough things with my oldest, Jacob. I think I am going to start this blog for him and his journey instead of Tyler's since we are at a pause with Tyler and his testing. Here is a little bit about my big guy Jacob...

Jacob is 4 he will be 5 in august. When he was born he was always moving around. He crawled early, and walked early! We just thought that he was going to be early at everything. I am fluent in sign language and so I always wanted my kids to know and love sign language like me. When Jake was a year old I started teaching him sign language. He was getting pretty good and knew a lot of signs and used that for everything. When he was around 2 1/2 I noticed that he wasnt talking and that it seemed pretty weird. He was my first so I just figured that he would catch up soon. I started to blame myself because I thought it was because I taught him sign language and had him use that instead of his words. He was also very active. I hated taking him to other peoples houses because he was always running around and getting into all of their stuff. He would turn on and off lights and shut all the was just emberassing. Again, I knew that was a little strange, but I never thought anything of it. We lived in Texas at the time and 2 months after Jacob turned 3 we moved back to Arizona. My sister was visiting and telling me that Jacob really doesnt have good speech and that we should get him tested to see if he can go to the preschool program that the public school has. So we got him tested and he passed with flying colors! So we got him in and he started to prgress amazingly!!! IN a year he went from NO words to 2 word sentances. We were so happy that he was talking and we were starting to understand him more. Lets fastforward to December '06. He is still very hyper and his speech is starting to get so much better. But now he has weird behaviors...he is very viloent to himself and to other people. He wont look into your eyes when you talk to him and he wanders off and will dart in front of cars without even knowing what he is doing. I go in to a meeting with his teacher and she tells me that she is concerned with Jacob and his behaviors. She told me that he is the worst kid that she has seen in the hyperness and not being able to focus on anything. So she said it would be wise to take him into his ped and see what he thought. So we did and immidiatly he told us that he would like us to go to a developmental pediatrition and see what they think. So Feb 2nd comes and we go to our appt. Within 30 min of being there she already knew that he had autism. I kinda prepared myself for that going in because I was 90% sure thats what he had. But I thought he had a form called Aspergers. I didnt know that he was worse than I thought. She diagnosed him with Severe ADHD, High Functioning Moderate Autism, Developmental delay, and a speech delay. I was so overwhelmed when she told me that I just broke down! I was a mess, and I still am. We are still getting used to the autism diagnosis and every day I find something different that he does that makes me say...hmm yep I see the autism in him. I am going to start this blog to put down my thoughts and feelings of the day into writing because it does help to get it all out. I have such a hard time with this and I am so excited to be able to have some kind of outlet to get it all out.