Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ok so this entery might be a little long, as I have a lot to talk about. First of all I want to talk about Jacobs bday! We had such a fun day. We didnt really do much because really, he doesnt care so why do a lot of stuff. We went to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch. Tom was able to get a few hours off of work to come and my mom was also there. We did our presents and ate and let him and Tyler play. While we were there, there was a ton of target employees. And they were all playing games. A lot of them just gave Jacob their tickets and tokens. So we ended up with 460 tickets! Jacob was sooo excited to be able to get a big toy. Although, most of it was candy that he got. Then we went home and went to make a cake. I let Jacob help me with that because he loves to help cook. The cake didnt turn out at all!! Thats why I never bother to make birthday cake...just buy it. But it was still fun trying to make it, and we did eat the mess afterwards haha. He got lots of fun presents and was so excited to get them all. Here are a few pictures of the fun. My batteries died at PPP so I didnt get very many pictures. Dont mind my messy house in the back...haha. It was his bday I tried to spend as much time with him as I could and kind of neglected my house.
He is enjoying the cake batter

Tyler had to get in on the fun

Stiring it like a big guy

Tyler and daddy playing basketball

Jake kept playing this dancing game...he loved it

Ok, so then yesterday I went and took Jake into the doc to get his allergies tested. His psych said that sometimes kids with Autism/ADHD have allergies and thats what makes their behaviors bad. So I made an appt to get them tested to see if he was allergic to anything. Plus he is always having runny noses and sneezing so I figured he was allergic to something. They do the test and come back 20 min later and the nurse this is a good one. I looked and he was allergic to EVERYTHING they tested him for! It was only respitory allergies and not food ones. So he is allergic to...feathers, mold, trees, plants, weeds, grass, dust, cat hair, dog hair, and some others I cant remember. So now I have to give him this med that I squirt under his tounge. But the doc said I have to give it to him every other day for 2-3 years and hopefully they should be gone by then.


Haylee Gabrielle said...

EVERYDAY for 2-3 YEARS?!!! Wow! That sucks for him, poor Jake. I know how allergies are, my whole family is cursed with them. Haylee's eyes swell up and tear and everything.

Looks like a fun bday party though! PPP looks like Chuck E Cheese's. :) Lotsa fun for everyone, Haylee would've totally loved for her party to be there!! That was sweet of the target employees too. ;)


Jenny Grover said...

Wow that sounds like me when I was little. I was allergic to everything too. Plus food allergies! But I grew out of it so hopefully he will too! I still wish I was allergic to food! he he he!