Thursday, November 29, 2007

This is a kinda long post. I had lots of pictures on my camera and I just put them on the computer so I thought I would share a few pictures.

Thanks to Aunt Shelly, the boys got a much needed hair cut!! Aren't they so cute???

When Shelly came to visit for Thanksgiving we decided to go to Chuck E. Cheese with all the kids. We had SO much fun. Even the adults got into playing games. Here is my mom and dad in a heated Air Hockey match...

Even Tom and I got in some air hockey that night

Caleb was so tired that he just passed out under one of the tables. I just happened to look down there and see him. It was so funny and we all couldn't stop taking pictures of it.

My dad and Tom got into a basketball match.

Then my mom and Shelly wanted to do it also.

Tyler loved this ride. They take pictures of you while your sitting with Chuck. And he kept playing it. It was so cute.
About a month ago Tyler was in my bedroom. All of a sudden I hear him screaming. He cries all day so I really didn't think much of it. And he wasn't coming out of the room so I thought he was fine because he was laying down on my bed and I just thought he was going to take a nap. So finally when the crying didn't stop I walked in there to find him covered in blood. My sheets and pillows were also covered in blood. So I put him on the counter to wash off the blood. It was a tiny little cut on his lip that did all of this. I couldn't resist taking a picture it was really funny.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wow I got tagged by Kristen so here I go...
4 Places I've Worked:
1.Childtime (many times at different locations)
2. vericore
3. I was a nanny to 3 different families
4. Mill Ave Preschool
4 Places I've Lived:
1. Mesa
2. Tempe
3. Gilbert
4. Greenville, Tx

Favorite TV Shows:
1. ER
2. Friends
3. The office
4. Anything on food network

4 Movies I Want to See:
I dont even know whats out so I have no idea
4 Favorite Foods:
1. Roast and Potatoes
2. Cheeseburger from Whataburger
3. Chicken Chimi from Mattas
4. Baked ziti that I make
4 Weird Things About Me:
1. I like to play video games
2. I hate my hair and want it short but im scared to cut it
3. im gonna copy Kristen on this one...ive lived in Az almost my whole life and ive never been to the Grand Canyon
4. I dont ever watch TV or movies

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
1. Somewhere cold...but other than that I like where im at

Who I'm Tagging:
1. Shelly
2. Stacy
3. Mike (Or Debbie haha)
4. Mom
5. Im adding one in...TOM
Yep...all family

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is going to be a short post but I just have some good news! Jacob FINALLY got into speech therapy at the LIFE center where he goes. They hired on another ST but the catch is she doesn't have the c's at the end of her title yet until May. So they hired her on as a hab worker with emphasis on speech and language but she will be doing speech therapy. Then in may when she gets her c's we can count it as real speech therapy. The state wont cover it as speech therapy until she gets her c's. We have been trying for quite a while to get speech so we are very excited. He will be going on Thursdays now so he now is at therapy most of the day on Thursdays instead of coming home at 11.
I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving. Cant wait to see pictures and hear stories of them all.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Today is Tom's 27th birthday!! And in my mind it kind of starts the holiday/birthday season for us. Not only is Thanksgiving next week, but in december, we have 5 birthdays and Christmas. My sisters bday starts it all off in december. Then its my sister in law, and brother in law's bdays, and then the 23rd is my nephew's bday and the 28th is Tylers bday. So that month is crazy for us!! But it sure is fun.

Speaking of birthdays...I cant believe in almost a month my baby is going to be 3!!!! I dont even look at Tyler as being that old. To me, hes still my baby...and yes, I still baby him. I still cary him everywhere, like he cant walk or something haha. And hes not potty trained, or anywhere near it yet. I have tried and tried but he just wont do it. I am hoping that after he turns 3 it will be the magic time to potty train!

Happy Birthday Tom...we love ya!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Do you like garage sales? If so, this weekend would be a perfect time for you to come to one!! My parents neighborhood is having their yearly garage sale. And let me tell ya, this is the neighborhood to come for garage sales!! They are all big houses so you know its nice things that will be sold. We always come away from these with TONS of stuff for my kids and ourselves from peoples sales. I will be set up with LOTS of boy clothes and baby toys for sale. There are a lot of people wtih kids in this neighborhood so I'm sure you can find anything you need. The crossroads are Recker and Baseline area. Email me and ill tell you exactly where if you are interested Its tomorrow morning starting at 7 am!

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Tom took Tyler to Urgent care last night and come to find out hes got strep throat. So we will be avoiding everyone for at least the rest of the week. We dont want him to get sick again and we will try to get him over what he has. He is very prone to getting sick when hes already sick and we dont want him to be sick all winter like he was 2 winters ago.

OK so Tom updated his is the link to it

I love Sundays. Mostly because its my day to sleep and rest from the week. Today we all took naps, like always, and when Jacob and I woke up tyler was still asleep. Tom took him and was holding him, trying to wake him up, and noticed he was burning up. I took his temp and it was 104.2 I started freaking out because, well, that's a high temp. He was so weak that he couldn't lift up his sippy cup to drink out of. So I gave him some Tylenol and finally his temp went down to normal. The last time I checked it was 98.9 so hopefully his temp wont spike up again. He has a really bad cough so I think hes just got a cold...well I hope so anyways. He seems to ALWAYS get sick during winter months. His first winter he was sick for 4 months straight. So I hope this is not another one of those winters. Pray for us that he gets better...and check out my hubby's blog. He doesn't post much but he always has some good posts =)

Friday, November 02, 2007

Ok, so this post is going to be a major vent!! It probably wont make sence to most of you and im too mad to explain it all...but if you go back in posts you can find what everything means...haha.
Ok, so I just got an email from Jacobs behavior therapist. She said that he doesnt have enough hab hours and so they are taking him off her schedule one day. He only has her 3 days a week and even then she told me this is not enough!! We went through everything and made sure that he had enough hab hours for everything when we put him in struct. hab. And everything was fine, I dont see how he can have not enough hours now. I have him do respite for 1 1/2 hours a day and they are prob putting that as hab so thats using up my hours. And ALTCs is doing something dumb where they are not letting you get more hours and stuff so when I talked to our SC about getting him more hours she told me that I could only have the ammt i have or else it will be really hard for me to get more. Jacobs BT told me that he needs MORE ABA because his behaviors are just not good and she wants to work with him more. So how can they do this to us? I would rather them take off a day of his struc. hab and just leave his BT where its at. Ugh now im gonna have to go talk to them today and try to figure it all out...this is not going to be fun.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I hope everyone had a good and safe Halloween. We sure did!! Our day started off, like it always does, at Therapy. Jacob and Tyler both had their therapy school thing and they had a harvest party. That was pretty fun. They had a bunch of little booths and they even had a real goat for the kids to go out and pet. It was really hard for Jacob to be there because there was so many people in this little room. He kept going outside where the goat was because there wasn't very many people out there. But both boys had a good time. And then Jacob stayed for therapy and Tyler and I had a few things to do before tonight. He was going to be spider man but for whatever reason he would not wear his costume. He would scream until I took it off of him. He even tried to rip it off and so I decided he was not going to wear it. So we went on a hunt to find a good costume for him but had no luck. We came home and I put on his costume from last year...and he wore it!! He wouldn't take it off. After we got Jacob from therapy we came home and made dinner and got ready to go for the night. We went to my parents house since that's where its the best trick or treating in my neighborhood. I got to talking to my moms neighbor who just happens to be Jacob's old preschool aid. And I was updating her on all of Jacobs things that are going on right now. And I look over and Tom and Jacob had gone and I couldn't find them. So Tyler and I went to the end of the street and then just went back to my parents house. About an hour later Tom and Jacob came back! And Jacob had his whole bag full of candy! There was so much that the handles broke and it was to heavy for him to carry. I told tom that i just wanted the boys to go to a few houses...haha. Oh well looks like Toms work is going to get a lot of candy this year haha. Then we came home and the boys passed out within 5 min of being home. They were both worn out and ready to go to bed!! I am a lame mom and I forgot to take pictures haha. Oh well I know my mom took some this past weekend when we had our ward party so ill just post the ones she took when I get them.