Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ok, so I know I haven't updated in a LONG time!! But im addicted to facebook now and well, blogging has been on the back burner. but if you want to add me to facebook just look me up!

So I had to post this about what happened tonight. So my friend Sharon and I went shopping late tonight to pick up a few things she needed. We went to Old Navy where they were having a killer sale. I even picked up a cool shirt for Tyler for 99 CENTS!!! I couldn't believe it. So anyways, I saw this jacket and it was on the sale rack but it didn't have a sale price on it so I thought I would ask the people up front if it was on sale. So I get up there and she rings it up and it rang up at the regular price for 24.00. She was like that's ridiculous and I don't think it should be that much. How does 4.99 sound? I was like HECK YA!! That sounds awesome haha. So I got a nice jacket for 5 bucks. I thought that was the deal of the year right there for me! So I thought I would share.

On a family update everything is going good here. All of Jacobs blood work and tests came back fine but she wants to see us in 6 weeks to see if he has gotten worse on anything or improved and we will do more testing then. We are all getting ready for Christmas and its been fun. Tyler is so into Christmas and Jacob is getting there.

We had Tylers bday party today with his cousin Caleb. Caleb was born 5 days before Tyler so it was fun to have their bdays together. They were so cute and got some fun stuff. I will post pictures later when I do my Christmas post.

My brother, Trent, was just called as Bishop!! I cant believe that I have a brother that's a bishop. That is so cool but I do feel bad for his wife haha. We were in their ward when he was announced and it was so cool to be there for his setting apart. Congrats Trent!!

I guess that's all from us for now. Hopefully I will post more...I know im slacking big time on it. Maybe in the new year I will get better!