Friday, May 25, 2007

So if there is one thing I cant stand its throw up!! I know, as a mom, I should be used to it, but my kids NEVER throw up. I think they have thrown up maybe 3 times...both of them combined. Usually every morning I take Tom to work so that we can have the car. And as I was driving home Jake threw up EVERYWHERE!!!! It was so gross. And then he just layed there and his eyes kinda rolled back in his head and he wouldnt talk to me. It was so scary. So (for those of you in Arizona) I was on the 60 at Mesa Dr when it happend and I was going almost 90 all the way to Higley where we get off because I just wanted to get him out of the car and in to bed. I had no idea what was going on with him. It was so scary because I thought he was gonna have a seizer or something. I am so paranoid that my kids are going to have seizers like I did when I was a little kid. But as soon as we got home I caried him inside and took off his clothes, stuck him in the bath tub, and now hes laying on the couch watching dora. Its really cute and funny because Tyler is laying down acting like hes sick now too...haha. Maybe I will get a good, laid back day! That would be nice! But sad that Jake is sick. He never gets sick so I always worry about him. His cousins are coming today too from Texas so I hope he isnt sick for too long. My sister stacy and her family are coming down for a week to visit.

Monday, May 21, 2007

What a great weekend I had!!! It was fathers and sons this past weekend and my husband took BOTH boys with him! So I had the night to myself!! As soon as they left, my mom and I caught an early dinner since she was also alone since my dad was also at the camp. Then we went back to her house to watch the suns game. I left at half time because it didnt look good and I was tired. So I finished up the suns game and it was so depressing I just went to bed. And then I woke up saturday morning at 10AM!!!!! I dont remember the last time I woke up that late! A few min after I woke up, Tom called to say they were on their way home. So I didnt get to do the things I wanted to whle they were gone, but I got to sleep and have some quiet time and thats all that I needed. Here are some pictures of their fun time.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

So in Jacobs preschool class they made the moms a little gift. It was a little picture frame with a picture of them in it. They also filled out this little questioneer about their moms. I thought it was so funny so I wanted to blog it.

My mothers name is Britney
She is 44 years old
She weighs 5 lbs
Her shoe size is 12
She has purple eyes
She has brown hair (at least he got that one right)
Her favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese (I think we eat that too much!!!)
Her favorite color is Blue and Pink (He also got that one right)
Her favorite TV show is the movie cars (no, I think thats his)
Her favorite hobby is Making dinner (HA!! I wouldnt call it a hobby)
Her biggest wish is to eat ice cream (haha that one is funny because the night before I was trying to convince tom to take us out for ice cream)
Her best friend is Tom (aww now thats sweet)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day to everyone reading this that is a mother!! I had a great day today. My husband really isnt the best gift giving guy, and ive learned to accept that. So instead of a gift I just wanted a day to do nothing. And he was so good with it. He took care of the kids, got them ready for church, got them breakfast and lunch, and even put them to bed!!! I hope you all had just as good as a mothers day as I did.

So im sure everyone has heard of the movie Cars. Since Jake has been taking his meds and he can concentrate more and sit still he has been watching movies and realizes that he loves them. So we watch cars at least 5 times a day! I am starting to get sick of this movie but if I turn it off we have another meltdown! So I just leave it on and he will fall asleep to watching it. We have to get a new movie that he wants instead of this one. I never bought kids movies because he couldnt watch them so I didnt want to spend my money on them. But I might go buy a few now.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Monday, May 07, 2007

We just had Jacobs drs appt at the Melmed Center a few days ago. The Melmed center is a place that has pych and developmental pediatritions there. Basically for kids who have brain and develpmental problems. We go here once ever 3 months for Jakes "therapy" for his autism and ADHD. Well when we went we finally got the official diagnosis for severe ADHD. She told us that he is as bad as they get...he cant get any worse than what he is. It was pretty hard to hear because I really didnt think he was that bad. So we decided to put him on meds. Hes only 4 and we really didnt want to do it but she said that its the only thing thats going to help him. And if we dont put him on meds then he wont get any better and we will just hurt him more than putting him on meds. She told me of the side effects and I felt like that was a good decision. The first day that we had him on them, I have noticed a BIG difference. It is making him very sleepy. Which is fine by me, but I dont think he likes being on them. When he comes off of it he gets very cranky and will usually just cry for about 45 min while hes coming off of them. And then he will get REALLY hyper. I can usually tell when hes coming off of them. I think its too strong for him and so we are supposed to go back in 4 weeks for the follow up and I am going to see if she has anything different we can try him on.

When we had Jacobs K transition meeting, we decided to put him in the intergraded kindergarden. Its kinda like normal K but they dont sit at tables...they do centers and learn like that. I had requested to go in and observe the class that is going on now just to make sure that is the class I want him to be in. I know that he can not be in normal K even with his meds. He just cant sit and concentrate that much right now so we had to figure something else out. Plus he is going to have speech and OT during school time and its easier if he is in a class where everyone needs it as well. We had to choose between the Autism class or this IK class. We didnt go with the Autism one because most of the kids that are in that class are severe and we dont want him to start to model those behaviors that the more severe kids do. But with the IK class we can have what he needs to help his autism. Like he will have his own picture schedule for the whole day. We use that at home and he also uses that at school right now and that has helped so much! He has to be on a schedule and he does very well with pictures since he can see what it is instead of trying to read it. Also we will have his therapys. I am going to try to get Physical Therapy to start at school too that way we dont have to do any therapy at home and after school. Well I go and observe the class on Thursday! I am excited to go and see what he is going to be doing next year. i am getting kinda sad about him going to all day kindergarden. I am sure he will do fine but its going to be a big adjustment for him. Its probably going to be a rough few days as he adjusts to it but im sure in the long run it will be the best for us.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I made a group for an LDS moms playgroup!! If you are interested just follow this link to it and join!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Being sick sucks!!! I have been sick since Friday night and nothing I do makes me feel any better. So im just going to have to sit here and deal with it. Last night we went to my parents house to get something and my dad said he was sick. We both have the same thing and got sick at the same time. So someone in the family must of given it to us somehow. I dont remember anyone being sick.

So a few nights ago I took out my contacts and there was a big chunk missing. There was also a little tare. So yesterday morning I call the eye place to see if I can get some contacts ordered. The girl that I talked to was obviously new. She had to put me on hold every time I asked a question so that she could ask the question to the lady sitting next to her. Well she had to call me back 3 times because she kept forgetting to get info from me. Well 5 min had passed and the phone rang again from that place. I answer it and it was another lady and she was like you "just called here ordering contacts right? I said yes and she goes well you were in here in August getting new contacts and you were supposed to come back in sept for a follow up visit." Well no one told me that I had to go I had no idea. And she goes " The contacts we gave you were a 30 day trial pair. What happend to them?" Well...ive been wearing them since August because again, no one told me they only last 30 days. I am not used to soft contacts because ive always had hard ones. And then she says " We have 2 boxes of paid contacts sitting here waiting for you to have your follow up appt...can you come in today for that?" Sooo thats where I went yesterday. And I had to take the boys with me because it was such short notice I didnt find anyone to watch them. So I packed up backpacks for them both of fun things to do so they wouldnt be running around everywhere. They still did that, but it made them a little bit easier to manage. Since we were going over there at lunch time I decided that we would go to peter piper pizza for lunch. We only had a half hour to eat and play before my appt started. I was just sitting there and though...I need to get Tyler to come eat, he hasnt had anything to eat yet. So I go and look for him and hes not in his usual spot. So I walk all over the store and I still cant find him anywhere. Its about 10 min passed and I am about to start freaking out until Jacob goes...mommy I go in bathroom. So I said, good idea lets go look in the bathroom. So I had him go in the boys to see if he was in there, and he wasnt. So I went into the womens bathroom and right when I was about to walk in there I hear him crying. I open the door to see him in there just sitting down. He had gotten in there somehow and didnt know how to get out. It was so sad and im glad that he was ok. I was so scared that something had happend to him!!!