Sunday, August 07, 2011

Moving on…

I guess I should write another post since the last one was so depressing haha. I hate looking at my blog and seeing that post. So I figure I will write another post so that I can look at something happy instead!

So for the last year and a few months we have been living in Phoenix. We really loved the house we lived in. We were renting from my brother Trent. The house was perfect. Everything we wanted and more was in that house. I loved the school that Tyler went to. I am SO GLAD that Tyler had that as a starting point to his schooling years. He learned so much from going there and it was so important that he learned such great skills. We loved living so close to downtown Phoenix. It was fun to be able to get there so fast and so easy. We went to lots of events and stuff. It was close to PCH where Jakes docs are and it was close to Toms work! Everything seemed great. Well that is until it was time for Jacob to get therapy. We could not find a therapy center for Jacob out in Phoenix. Even our support coord said that it was hard to find therapy where we live because not very many people want to work out there. So after a LONG year of no therapy we decided that we needed to take Jake back to LIFE. So I started driving there 3 times a week. It was horrible! The drives were so long and I started to dread going. But I knew that I had to for Jake because he needed this therapy. After about a month of driving back and forth I told Tom that it just was not working and we needed to either move closer or just not do therapy anymore. Tom was VERY against moving. He loved where we lived, he loved everything about it. Both of us had callings in the ward that we loved and did not want to give up. Every time I would bring it up, Tom would just say, not changing my mind! We are NOT moving. I prayed soo hard about what to do. I felt like moving would be a good decision but Tom was so against it that I had no idea what I should do. I looked at a few houses and was trying to figure out if we did move where we would go. But nothing seemed right. Every house that I looked at just was not the right one. I just never had a good feeling. Both of us felt like either decision was not the right one. So we thought we would just stay and drive and do what we are doing. The night of Tylers kindergarten graduation, my mom was going to take the kids overnight. So while we were at home I just had a thought to look one more time online for a house. So the very first house I did I emailed and got a response right away! So since we had to pick up the kids the next morning we thought we would go look at that house right after. When we went the next soon as I stepped in the house I just felt so good about it. I felt like this is where we needed to be. I was almost in tears because I just felt so strongly that we needed this house. But I knew that Tom still would not be open to moving. When we looked at this house...I just told Tom...please look at it with an open mind. But when we got done, and in the car, he said, I really felt like this is our home! And right there I knew why I felt so strongly about it. I knew that we needed this house. Everything after that fell right into place. We signed the lease and moved in a week later! We love where we live. We feel so at home and so comfortable here. I am so glad that we made this decision but I am still really sad to leave our phoenix world behind. I know that Heavenly Father had put us in Phoenix for a reason. And I know that he wants us here for a reason. We may never really know what those reasons are but I am glad that we can follow what He wants us to do.

Now hopefully we can stay here for a very long time! I am tired of moving!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

So the week before school let out for winter break I decided that I needed to pull Jacob out of school. So we started the new year a homeschool family. I now teach him at home. We signed up for a school called AZVA and its amazing! It is working so well for Jacob. He really enjoys it and is learning so much. And I love it because I get to help him learn. I can really see why teachers always have such a hard time with him though. He is so easily distracted and does not pay attention when there are other things going on. But I have learned how to get over that and we are really working good together. We have really gotten a good schedule going and I think having that schedule every day really helps Jacob. I hope that this continues to work good.

This is a touchy subject for me. I think it is so vital to have friends...and good ones!! Friends that you can tell everything to. Friends that you can go to their house and even though it might be messy and horribly disorganized you dont care because you see past that. Friends that even though you are not perfect that friend thinks you are darn near close. Friends that when you hang out you laugh and have so much fun! Friends where you have lots in common and share the same interests.

There is no one in my life that fits all that and I miss that. There are a few wonderful people who fit that in my very good friend but we just never get to hang out =( I miss having a friend. I make friends but for some reason they only last for about a month and then what I call the fizzle out period begins. So I am starting to think maybe its me. Maybe im doing something wrong. Tom assures me that its not me and that I just dont need to have friends. Maybe I dont...but when I see people talking all the time of how much fun they have with their friends I get sad. I used to have friends, but then we moved.

I wish my kids had friends. Its sad to see that they are growing up without having friends too. Its not their fault. I know that Jacob is hard to be friends with but he is trying. At least they dont get sad that they dont have friends. They dont really know the difference. But I do. I had so much fun growing up because I had the best of friends.
Tom doesnt have friends. Well he has guys that he works with that he hangs out with at work but they dont hang out when they are not at work. And I think im ok with that. But not having friends is ok with Tom. Maybe I should just learn to be that way.

My goal would be to find a family of friends. People that we can all get along with. We love to go camping and love going with friends. So finding a family to go camping with us or on a road trip or something would be so much fun!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

So I got an email from a lady at CSN asking if I would review a product. After looking at the website I was so excited to be able to do this. Have you ever been to their website?? If not its great! CSN has over 200 stores! You could find great things for your house. Since I am trying to get my house all cute and decorated these corner tv stands would be great!

I will be finding something great to review in the next few days so keep checking back!