Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So I sit down at my computer, and im about to blog about the wonderful monsoon season we are having. I go to turn on the TV and it is on channel 3 and of course they are showing the memorial for the guys who died in the plane crash. For those who havent heard...that dont live in AZ, on Friday there was a car chase in down town Phx. Channel 3 and Channel 15 helicopters collided and killed everyone in the copters. It was a camera guy, and the guy flying in both helicopters. SO sad! I love watching channel 3 news so it was really shocking to me to see these guys die. So I turn on the TV to see this memorial and I am just bawling....its so sad to see everyone crying...even the tough police officers that are there...there is not a dry eye, its a very touching memorial and even though you really don't know these people in person, you got to know them through the TV and its almost like losing a friend.

So anyways...why I came on here to begin with...ha ha. I love the monsoon season!! We have been having some good storms. They said on the news last night that here in Gilbert we got an inch and a half and in Mesa they got an 1.75 inches! Its been a long time since we have had rain like that. I even took pictures because its just so cool to get some good rain!! We always love it here and its always welcome. As long as im not driving in it. I get bad anxiety if I have to drive in the rain! Here are the pictures I took yesterday from my front door!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Thursday, July 19th, was my birthday! It was a lot of fun this year. I have to say, this is probably my fav bday so far since I was a kid. My sister Stacy was in town from Texas, so she got to celebrate with us too. On wednesday, I was at my moms house, and she told us to come over for dinner since stacy was making something yummy to eat. So we show up at 630. Tom is freaking out because he had to go to scouts in a half hour and didnt think we would have enough time to eat and for him to get to scouts on time. So we are sitting there and the door bell rings. Its a lady from our ward. I didnt really think much of it since my mom is on the compassionate service commitee but then she started talking about babysitting kids. I was like ok, stacy must be going somewhere. Then my mom goes...suprise! We are going out to dinner!! I was very shocked and happy because dinner sounded so good. We went to Olive Garden which made it even better. Oh, and Tom was on the suprise the whole time! He was just making it look like nothing was going on so I didnt lead on to the suprise. And then we came back home and had cake and Ice cream.

When I walked into my moms house on Wednesday, I saw this...

She had gotten me roses...25 since I was turning 25. I also got a frying pan and a new dish set...oh and the best of all...a new mini van!! Well, its new to us anyways. Its my sister Shelly's old van. They have outgrown it and had to move to a suburban so we took over the payments on it and we love it!! We had a little Plymouth neon for 5 years so its nice to have space. Expecially for my husband who is 6'5. And the kids love it...although, Jake is having a hard time with it being OUR car now. He still thinks is his cousins car. Then on thursday, my actual bday, we we to peter piper pizza and let the kids play and then I Had a drs appt for Jacob (which ill blog about later) and then we came home and my mom watched both boys and Tom and I went out to dinner. Here is a random pic of stacy's kids, my brother mikes daughter, and Jacob

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ok, I know this whole tagging thing is going around and I didn't think I would get tagged...but I guess I did, so here I go. My 7 random things about me...its gonna be hard because I have NO idea what to say...
#1 Sometimes I wonder why I was chosen to have the kids I do...there are times where I don't think I have the patience for them....but usually I get over it and realize that I have more than I think I do
#2 We lived in Texas for 2 years...it sucked and that's why we are back home. It was an interesting experience but we are glad to be back home in Az
#3 I have really bad insomnia. Sometimes I cant get to bed until 2 or 3 am and then I'm up at 5 with Tom to get his stuff ready for work
#4 Ok this goes onto #3, I do WAY to much for my husband that he could do for himself but I would rather do it myself so that it gets done.
#5 I love sign language!! Both of my kids know it and I love teaching it to them. Jacob is such a sponge when it comes to Sign Language and he wants to learn everything.
#6 I have no friends....ok that sounds sad, but when I moved to Texas none of them stayed in contact with me so when we came back...they just had other things to do, and a lot of people don't like my kids so its hard to be friends with people once they are around my kids. But I'm ok with that...I love my family and we have a great time together!
#7 I love the rain and I hope we have a really good monsoon season (or summer thunderstorm season...whatever they are calling it now)
Ok, there is a little peak into my boring life. Now I tag anyone who reads this that hasn't done it to their blog. And if you do, post a comment saying you are so I know who does it or not. But I know most of the people I blog stalk have done it already.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

We finally hit a good milestone in the autism stuff. We got qualified for ALTCS. Its what we have to go through in Arizona to get services for Jacob. I was really worried that we wouldn't qualify because Jacob isn't very severe but we did and I'm so happy!! Now we can get him all the therapy's that he needs, and get respite and hab and get him to learn to live with his autism and try to get him better. I started this process when Jacob was diagnosed on 2-2-07 and we finally were approved 7-10-07. The lady that came over said that someone should be contacting me on the services we get and then I can start with them. But Jacob will be in school in a month, and so we wont have a lot of time for them like we did during the summer. So our days are going to be full in the afternoon when he gets home from school. We will have hab, respite, Speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and music therapy. Here are some cute pictures that I have taken. Oh, and yes, I got a new camera...YAY so now every post will have a picture or 2 or 10...he he.

We are potty training Tyler right now...and he loves it! He likes to sit on the toilet but doesn't like to go in it...ha ha. He will go about 2-3 times a day but that's it. Hopefully soon he will be fully potty trained!!

No one ever believes me how mean Jacob is to Tyler. I got this picture right as he pushed Tyler off of the couch...now I have proof he he. Gotta love boys and being rough and mean. I don't think Jacob is doing it to be mean hes just trying to play with Tyler and Tyler doesn't like it.

Monday, July 09, 2007

We are back from camping. We have actually been home for almost a week...haha. But I'm now just getting to posting about it. Well for one, we came home 2 days early. So you know it really didn't go as planned. It was really hot and everyone was cranky and my boys were wild, and those things just never go well together. So we just left. I was ready to come home the day we got there! So it was nice to be home when we got here. Here are some pictures of our few days up in the Mtns.

When I turned on my camera to get the pictures...this is what I saw. Obviously the boys thought it would be fun to take pictures of themselves.

The first night we were there, I went in to the tent after playing a few games and saw this. This shows my boys do not stay still when they sleep!!

Tyler was walking around the fire pit and decided to play in it. He was filthy. This picture does not do it justice.

It was so hot that one day we had to take the pants off of Tyler because he was sweating so bad. So we let him run around in his diaper. Pure white trash!!

This is the only picture I got of both boys. They were finishing up their breakfast

Here is Tyler just being cute!

Jacob LOVED the fire. We had to try so hard to keep him away from it. But every time it was lit he was right there by it.

Here is grandad relaxing in the hammock with the boys. They loved that thing and kept going in it.

So these are just about the only pictures I took of Jacob. I just realized most of them were of Tyler. Jacob wouldn't stand still enough for me to take any pictures of him, I guess.