Thursday, April 26, 2007

There is lots to post about today! But the best one of all is Tyler went potty TWICE!! YAY Tyler!! Lets hope that it stays and he can be potty trained. I would love to have no kids in diapers!

So American Idol last was interesting. Of course it was sad and I cried almost the entire show but I dont like when tv shows do stuff like that. Its like lets take pitty on those who are in a whole lot worse conditons we are in and make people donate money. It worked...I wanted to give everything we had to these kids in Africa. I didnt send any money but if I had more than what I have now, I definintly would! I think its really cool that they didnt boot anyone off either. I was in suspense when Jordin almost got kicked off. I dont think she is going to win it all but she sure has some great talent. And of course shes from Arizona so I have to root for her. But Tom is obsessed with her....haha. He thinks that she has to win it all and if she doesnt he wont watch anymore. I think she has some great talent but the other 2 girls on there are a little better...I think. Plus shes only 16 yrs old!! She will have a great carreer no matter what happends to her!!

So last night we were asleep like most people and the phone rings! I shoot right up and go to answer the phone. I was scared to death that it was something important. I looked at the clock and it was 1:43 am. Well when I got to the phone it was too late and already kicked back to the answering maching. So I wait a min to see if they leave a message and they dont. I looked at the caller ID and it said unavailable so I started to get a little concerned. So I go back to bed and the next thing I know, the phone is ringing again!! So I go run to get the phone and again, I miss it. I look at the clock and it was now 1:52 am. So I take the phone with me because im sure they will call again. I go back to bed and Tom was like well who was it? I told him I didnt know and that the next time the phone rings hes answering it. And like 2 min later the phone rings again but stops after 1 ring. So we go back to bed and about a half hour later it rings again. So we finally answer it...AND ITS THE WRONG NUMBER!!! I was so mad and Tom was like...quit calling us!!! And they stopped. But I freaked out because I thought it was someone that was trying to break into our house or something...haha. I am so paranoid that something like that is going to happen. I guess its all the scary movies that I watch.


Haylee Gabrielle said...

That stinks about the random caller! I hate that!!

Ya American Idol really sucked me in. I wanted to give everything too. We donated $10 online, LOL. I was BAWLING!

Have a great weekend!! ~Mel

Haylee Gabrielle said...

I miss you!