Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh, what a day!!! We have been busy and thats a good thing. Jacob did not have school today and so those days are usually very hectic. I like to be out of the house when he doesnt have school because it helps him not be so crazy!!

This morning I was making waffles. As I was getting the waffles cooked I set out the butter and syrup. Well, I turn my back to the kids and go back to the waffles and I hear the kids outside. I was just thinking of how good they were playing together and how much fun they were having when I hear tyler screaming. So I go out there to see Jacob with the bottle of syrup and him and tyler were covered from head to toe in syrup!!! The whole brand new bottle was empty! I was so mad!!! I put Jacob in time out and then threw the kids in the bath tub. It took them about 20 min to get the stickyness off of their bodies.

We are in an awesome playgroup. I have searched and searched to find a good one and I am so excited to of found a great one. These ladies are so wonderful and so understanding to Jacobs needs and they are great with him. Well every month they have this birthday celebration type thing for all of the kids and adults bdays that happend in that month. Well today was the bday celebration for April. It was a lot of fun and Jacob did really good there. I sometimes have a hard time with him because he is so much bigger than all of the other kids. He usually takes away toys from the kids because thats just part of the autism thing, I guess. He doesnt understand that the kids are playing with the toys and that he just cant take it out of their hands. We had a little bit of that but it wasnt too bad...I was so proud of him and how he acted today. Then after that we went to goodwill. I love that store because you can get clothes for kids so cheap there. My kids are very rough on their clothes so they stain them and get holes in them almost every day! Well while we were there Jacob had a meltdown because I was going to make him ride in the cart and he did not want to. So after his meltdown was over I let him walk. Well that was a big mistake because as I was looking through some clothes he had wandered off. Thats a big autism thing, is wandering. And I know that and he has a big wandering problem but I didnt know that it would be that bad since he was standing next to me. Well I look all over the store and he is pulling off every single shirt off of the hangers where the womens clothes were!!! I just wish there was one day that we go somewhere and he acts perfectly fine!!! I am getting so stressed out with Tom being gone. I have to be with these kids 24/7 and its really tiring sometimes! I am going to need a big break when he gets home!

AHHHH it never im writing this Jacob just ripped Tylers backpack off of his back and then pushed tyler down. Why does he do this stuff? I guess thats just something im going to have to research on kids with autism...who knows if its that or just Jacob being mean.

Please pray that our night goes ok and that they sleep!! They havent slept since daddy left on Saturday morning. I am very tired and I just want a full nights sleep!

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