Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today has been another busy day! But a very fun day. Jacob had school today so we all woke up around 7 and then got him breakfast and ready for school. While he was at school Tyler and I didnt do much of anything. When Jacob got home from school we went off to go eat lunch with Grandma (my mom). When we got there she was not home so we waited for a little bit and played with toys while we waited for grandma. Then when she got home we left. We went to the bookstore so my mom could get a few things and the boys got some books. We needed new books for church and so we got Jacob a bible quiet book and Tyler got the Bible ABC's and they both share a spiderman coloring book. Then we went to dinner at My Big Fat Greek Resturaunt. I love that place its so good!!! THe kids really like it as well. And then when we left there we went to Toy-R-Us and Jacob got a new leapster game and Tyler got a little truck set that has horses with it. Then we came home and played with our new toys. So not much has happend today but it has been a great day. Both boys have been angels and we have had no meltdowns today! YAY!!! I love when we have great days like that. Daddy gets home tomorrow so we are excited about that. So we have lots to do tonight before he gets home.

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