Sunday, April 22, 2007

Well Tom came home Friday night! And ever since then we have had a non stop weekend!! Friday night we had this silent auction and bbq at church! I won 3 babysitting sessions for 4 hours each!! WOOHOOO not sure what we will do for those 4 hours but im s ure we can figure out something. I also won a yard job by one of the young men. Then I went to pick up Tom at the airport. I got really lost when I went to find the underground parking. Then when I got there I couldnt find him anywhere. I finally did and he said he had been waiting there for an hour because his plane got in early. So we went to find his luggage and we could only find 1 of them. Finally we found both and we went out to get the car...and of course we cant find that either!!! So it took us like a half hour to find the car. Finally we were off to go home. Then Saturday I helped my parents paint their old house for a few hours and then we went to IKEA. That is always a bad idea to go there...haha. Now I want to re do my whole house!

I love Sundays! They are one of my favorite days because I get to just sit and relax and hang out with the family. Usually on Sundays we will bake cookies or something and play some games and color or go on a family walk...stuff like that. But one thing I dont do is clean! I think this is the day to relax and make sure that my family is happy. But WHY does everyone insist on coming over on sundays?? We had our home teachers come over this afternoon and I felt so bad because my house was a wreck. But he comes over on sundays every time!! One day he will learn that if he comes on a regular day, my house will be cleaner and we will all be happy. Except today was a nice visit. Both boys were asleep so we got to listen to the lesson actually!!

So Tyler is 2 1/2 and I had this idea that I was going to start to potty train him. Jacob had already potty trained himself by now so I figured now is a good time. He is showing lots of signs and seems like hes ready!! Boy was I wrong! I think we will wait for a while. He pooped all over our tile and peed on our carpet. So I am done until he can potty train himself...haha.


Haylee Gabrielle said...

Hi Britney! I hope it is ok I added your blog to my links. I want to check it everyday. :)

You should post pics too! I loved seeing pics of your boys.

What kind of church do you go to? Sounds like fun! I hope you have a great week.

Love - Mel

Britney said...

Thats fine that you added us! I check out Haylees blog every day too!! Once I figure out how to add it to my links I will. Also I have no idea how to post pictures...haha im not to good with this blog thing yet. We go to an LDS church here! It is a lot of fun! We are always doing fun things.

Haylee Gabrielle said...

Hi there - you figured it out! Good for you!! :o)

I forgot you said you were LDS. Glad you like it!

Have a good night...going to go make sloppy joe's for dinner. Mmmmmm...