Monday, July 23, 2007

Thursday, July 19th, was my birthday! It was a lot of fun this year. I have to say, this is probably my fav bday so far since I was a kid. My sister Stacy was in town from Texas, so she got to celebrate with us too. On wednesday, I was at my moms house, and she told us to come over for dinner since stacy was making something yummy to eat. So we show up at 630. Tom is freaking out because he had to go to scouts in a half hour and didnt think we would have enough time to eat and for him to get to scouts on time. So we are sitting there and the door bell rings. Its a lady from our ward. I didnt really think much of it since my mom is on the compassionate service commitee but then she started talking about babysitting kids. I was like ok, stacy must be going somewhere. Then my mom goes...suprise! We are going out to dinner!! I was very shocked and happy because dinner sounded so good. We went to Olive Garden which made it even better. Oh, and Tom was on the suprise the whole time! He was just making it look like nothing was going on so I didnt lead on to the suprise. And then we came back home and had cake and Ice cream.

When I walked into my moms house on Wednesday, I saw this...

She had gotten me roses...25 since I was turning 25. I also got a frying pan and a new dish set...oh and the best of all...a new mini van!! Well, its new to us anyways. Its my sister Shelly's old van. They have outgrown it and had to move to a suburban so we took over the payments on it and we love it!! We had a little Plymouth neon for 5 years so its nice to have space. Expecially for my husband who is 6'5. And the kids love it...although, Jake is having a hard time with it being OUR car now. He still thinks is his cousins car. Then on thursday, my actual bday, we we to peter piper pizza and let the kids play and then I Had a drs appt for Jacob (which ill blog about later) and then we came home and my mom watched both boys and Tom and I went out to dinner. Here is a random pic of stacy's kids, my brother mikes daughter, and Jacob


Haylee Gabrielle said...

Awww Happy Belated 25th Birthday Brit! :o)

Sounds like an awesome time, I love surprises like that too. How sweet, the roses!!

Thanks for updating, I've been missing you!!

Love ya

C-dawg and the Pound Puppies said...

Hi Brittney! It's Courtney (Worthen) Chamberlin. We've been out of town for a couple weeks and was just checking our blog and was so excited to see your comment! I love to look at everyone's and see pictures of families, how everyone is doing, and so on. I hope everything is going good for you! It was good to hear from you, tell the fam I said Hi!

Katie Peterson said...

Yeah!!! I love birthdays & how fun you got a new car! Happy Belated!!!