Thursday, July 12, 2007

We finally hit a good milestone in the autism stuff. We got qualified for ALTCS. Its what we have to go through in Arizona to get services for Jacob. I was really worried that we wouldn't qualify because Jacob isn't very severe but we did and I'm so happy!! Now we can get him all the therapy's that he needs, and get respite and hab and get him to learn to live with his autism and try to get him better. I started this process when Jacob was diagnosed on 2-2-07 and we finally were approved 7-10-07. The lady that came over said that someone should be contacting me on the services we get and then I can start with them. But Jacob will be in school in a month, and so we wont have a lot of time for them like we did during the summer. So our days are going to be full in the afternoon when he gets home from school. We will have hab, respite, Speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and music therapy. Here are some cute pictures that I have taken. Oh, and yes, I got a new camera...YAY so now every post will have a picture or 2 or 10...he he.

We are potty training Tyler right now...and he loves it! He likes to sit on the toilet but doesn't like to go in it...ha ha. He will go about 2-3 times a day but that's it. Hopefully soon he will be fully potty trained!!

No one ever believes me how mean Jacob is to Tyler. I got this picture right as he pushed Tyler off of the I have proof he he. Gotta love boys and being rough and mean. I don't think Jacob is doing it to be mean hes just trying to play with Tyler and Tyler doesn't like it.

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Haylee Gabrielle said...

Congrats about getting into that autism program deal! :) what is hab and respite?

Cute pics too! they look like they can be a handful. ;) Compared to my calm, relaxed little girl. LOL! I know how boys can be though - - I have SIX nephews. I have watched them grow from babies on up, the oldest is 11 yrs old now. They ARE mean to their brothers & they fight like cats and dogs. :) But I guess that's just natural.

I remember even fighting w/my sister. Although with us it was more verbal than physical. Silly boys. ;)

take care Brit! Happy friday the 13th.

Love ya...Mel