Thursday, June 28, 2007

Well...tomorrow morning we are leaving for a week. I am going camping with my parents, my brother mike-his wife and daughter, my sister in law's sister, a girl from my ward (that the sister is friends with) and another family from our ward. This was supposed to be our big family trip this year but most everyone couldnt make it =( so we had to invite other people to come with us. Tom isnt going to be with us because he had scout camp this week and he comes home saturday and we are leaving friday. Plus he couldnt take another week off work to go. So im going to brave this with my boys alone!!! Pray for me that I will come back sane! I am already going crazy this week without tom being here. Its been a bad week for us...and I cant wait until tom is back here with us.

Autistic kids have a tendancy to wander. Jacob is huge in that. He will leave the house and I wont even know and he would be down the street, or at the park, and I would have no idea. If we go to the mall and hes not in the stroller he will just wander off. Well yesterday we went to walmart and usually Jake rides in the cart but he screamed and screamed until I took him out. I didnt want to make a scene so I just let him out of the cart. I turned to get something off a shelf and Jacob was gone!!! We spent 10 min looking for him and couldnt find him anywhere. We even had 2 employees looking for him. Finally one of the employees found him. And then we left right then and I went to put the groceries in the cart and I turn around and Jacob is gone again! I was so freaked out and frustrated at all of this. But today has been a better day and I have so much to do, but am I doing any of it? NOPE!! I am looking at blogs and *thinking* of the things I have to do tonight haha.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July!!!


Haylee Gabrielle said...

Have fun Brit! Thinking of you and the boys. :o) I hope you all have a wonderful time. Maybe you should get one of those leash things for Jake?

I see a lot of people with those at Disneyland...and at first thought they were dumb, but hey - - if you have a wanderer, I guess it could come in VERY handy! ;o) Maybe you should try it? I don't know if that would work or not with him.

Take care girly!
Love ya

The Braun's said...

Hey Brit! It's me Wendy--Leighton's mommy! I haven't talked to you in so long, I'm glad to see you have a blog! I have a leash that Mel talked about, you may have to modify it so he doesn't escape now that he's older. They make them now that look like backpacks on their shoulders, real cute ones. Anyways just wanted to stop in & let you know I've thought of you often.

Take care~

Katie Peterson said...

Have fun!! Don't worry you are not the only one that sits for a long time blogging when I should be cleaning my messy house...ahhh!!