Friday, May 25, 2007

So if there is one thing I cant stand its throw up!! I know, as a mom, I should be used to it, but my kids NEVER throw up. I think they have thrown up maybe 3 times...both of them combined. Usually every morning I take Tom to work so that we can have the car. And as I was driving home Jake threw up EVERYWHERE!!!! It was so gross. And then he just layed there and his eyes kinda rolled back in his head and he wouldnt talk to me. It was so scary. So (for those of you in Arizona) I was on the 60 at Mesa Dr when it happend and I was going almost 90 all the way to Higley where we get off because I just wanted to get him out of the car and in to bed. I had no idea what was going on with him. It was so scary because I thought he was gonna have a seizer or something. I am so paranoid that my kids are going to have seizers like I did when I was a little kid. But as soon as we got home I caried him inside and took off his clothes, stuck him in the bath tub, and now hes laying on the couch watching dora. Its really cute and funny because Tyler is laying down acting like hes sick now too...haha. Maybe I will get a good, laid back day! That would be nice! But sad that Jake is sick. He never gets sick so I always worry about him. His cousins are coming today too from Texas so I hope he isnt sick for too long. My sister stacy and her family are coming down for a week to visit.


Haylee Gabrielle said...

Oh Brit, I so know what you mean! Haylee has thrown up probably twice in her life. She never threw up until probably a couple of months ago (so she's thrown up twice in 4 years, LOL).

It was hard because I have the WEAKEST stomach when it comes to puke. I throw up also. So Tim HAS to be the one to clean it up. I feel like a wimp because I thought I'd be able to clean up my own kid's vomit, but no.

When we doggy-sat my sister in law's dog for a couple of months he would do a runny poop. It was so sick. A few times he did it in the house and I had to wipe it up, I was literally gagging the entire time!

Well I hope by now Jake is better! You'll have to let me know. :) Give him BIG HUGS from us!

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend! We're having a huge family day at the park with all Tim's family. It'll be fun!

Love ya,

Katie Peterson said...

It's so fun to see your blog & your 2 cute little boys. I am sure they keep you really busy! I hate throw up too-ecspecially in the car, no fun!