Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day to everyone reading this that is a mother!! I had a great day today. My husband really isnt the best gift giving guy, and ive learned to accept that. So instead of a gift I just wanted a day to do nothing. And he was so good with it. He took care of the kids, got them ready for church, got them breakfast and lunch, and even put them to bed!!! I hope you all had just as good as a mothers day as I did.

So im sure everyone has heard of the movie Cars. Since Jake has been taking his meds and he can concentrate more and sit still he has been watching movies and realizes that he loves them. So we watch cars at least 5 times a day! I am starting to get sick of this movie but if I turn it off we have another meltdown! So I just leave it on and he will fall asleep to watching it. We have to get a new movie that he wants instead of this one. I never bought kids movies because he couldnt watch them so I didnt want to spend my money on them. But I might go buy a few now.


Haylee Gabrielle said...

Happy Mother's Day Brit! Glad you had a good day. :) Good for Tom for taking the kids! ;)

Haylee LOVES movies, LOL, she has so many movies on her tv stand in her room. It's crazy! She even admits it, ha ha! I bet Jake would love Madagascar, you should get it for him! :) Haylee also loves the Shrek movies. My sis is coming out next week & Haylee is SO excited we are all going to watch Shrek 3 in the theaters!

Love - Mel

Tiffany Applegate said...

Brit, Oh my gosh at least you only have to watch it 5 times. Preston (2) used to watch that movie none stop. Then he moved on to Toy Story, can't forget Mickey Mouse clubhouse and for the latest Night at the Museum. Proubly today like 8 times. He says I watch sours, which is short for dinosours. I have all the above memorized. So good luck! Your site is cute. I added you to my buddy list.