Monday, May 14, 2007

So in Jacobs preschool class they made the moms a little gift. It was a little picture frame with a picture of them in it. They also filled out this little questioneer about their moms. I thought it was so funny so I wanted to blog it.

My mothers name is Britney
She is 44 years old
She weighs 5 lbs
Her shoe size is 12
She has purple eyes
She has brown hair (at least he got that one right)
Her favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese (I think we eat that too much!!!)
Her favorite color is Blue and Pink (He also got that one right)
Her favorite TV show is the movie cars (no, I think thats his)
Her favorite hobby is Making dinner (HA!! I wouldnt call it a hobby)
Her biggest wish is to eat ice cream (haha that one is funny because the night before I was trying to convince tom to take us out for ice cream)
Her best friend is Tom (aww now thats sweet)


the montgomery's said...

How cute are his answers?! I love when little kids write stuff about their moms...always turns out so cute and funny!

Shelly Lomu said...

Brit, thanks for letting me know you have a blog. I found it through someone else's. That is so funny what jake said. He kills me. Its funny to see how they view their world.

Missy Glover said...

Hi Britney! Your Mother's Day questionaire is really cute! I can tell your a really good Mom by reading your blog. I can't believe that you have two kids, it seems like yesterday that we were all out in the front yard rollerskating, having relays, etc. all the fun dorky stuff we all did.

Haylee Gabrielle said...

Hi Brit, that is SO SO SO SWEET! I love that!! :) It is so funny to see/hear what our kids REALLY think about us.

What a great mother's day gift! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. ;)

Love ya,