Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sorry I havent wrote in here in a while. I guess we havent gotten any news so I havent felt the need to write. Although Tyler DID start walking finally a few days ago!! Finally a good milestone we are so happy about. I got the boys pictures taken and so thats why I was going to post on here. I am going to post pictures so you all can see them. No one can see when I tell them about the course facial features that Tyler has but when you see him and his brother in these pictures you can really see the difference. Here they are..


Aspen said...

I just LOVE the new pictures, Britney! They are both very handsome boys. And they both look so very happy! Hope you had a great weekend and a nice Fathers Day.


Lisa R said...

cute pics of the boys....I love it ;)

Lisa R said...

OH YEAH... congrats on the Walking that is can totally tell those boy are brothers...Hope you got new running shoes over the weekend to boys to chase is way more fun then 1 :)