Friday, June 09, 2006

Ok, so I have sort of an update. Yesterday I called the first Geneticist (Dr. P) and asked her assistant why they sent me blood work orders because I never remember them sending me anything. She said that she paged Dr P. but she never called her back so she would leave her a message and then she would call me back the next day (today). Well she calls me yesterday and said that she talked to Dr. P and that she was going to call me back tomorrow (today) to talk to me. Well she called this morning and told me that these tests are to test ALL chromosones and test to see if there is any deletion going on in there. So she sent me to this lab in Tempe which is about 30 min from my house. We drive all the way out there to find out its their corp office and they dont see patients there!! So we had to drive all the way back home and get the tests done there. So they take them and here we are back waiting for results. I wish Dr G (the dr we saw a few days ago) would hurry up and send us the urine tests for MPS. That is the test I really want to hurry and get done. I want to rule that out before anything but now I think that we wont have that answer for a while. So I guess we will just see what the other tests say. I am hoping we will know in the next 2-4 weeks or so. In the mean time I am studdying up all I can on all different genetic disorders. If Tyler doesnt have anything, I dont know what I am going to do. Of course I am going to be happy but I still know that there is something wrong with him. I know that probably makes me sound horrible but I just look at him and I can tell. there are so many things that shouldnt be the way they are and there is no reasoning for it. I guess if he has nothing than I will be very happy but in the back of my mind I will always wonder well...what if. I guess if he has NO real problems I should just leave it at that and thank God that he is fine! I know through all of this I have met some GREAT people! And I see their kids and I am so touched by the love that they have for their kids. And I know I will never forget some of the people I have met.

On another note...I got a call from Tylers PT and she said that we were assigned another case worker. I dont know why or what happend to our old case worker but long as Tyler gets his PT we will all be ok.


Lisa R said...

Oh I know the waiting must be making you crazy. Hang in there you'll find something out before you know it. Be pushy with those Docs if you have to :)

Aspen said...

Hang in there Britney. Results will get here soon enough. Keep your head up! I agree with Lisa, push those doctors until they are sick of hearing from you. At least they won't forget you. HA!