Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I love to have a routine!!

I decided that we need a new routine! The one we have just isnt working for us anymore. I had a really good one before I went to work and then after I started working it messed it all up. So now I have to figure something out that works for us all. I figured that if I typed it all up here, it would be easier for me to follow it. So here we go!
I am just making it up as I go so I may make changes as we try different things.
Oh, and yes, I know we get up early. But hey it works for us so thats why we do it!

5:00- mommy and daddy wake up
5:15- kids wake up
5:30- take daddy to work
6:30- get home and kids watch tv while mommy gets on the computer
7:30- breakfast time
8:30- Tyler goes down for a nap and Jake lays down for quiet time or nap time and mommy cleans
10:30- boys get up from resting and watch some tv or play
11:00- lunch time
11:30- Art time with boys
12:30- water play time
1:30- Tyler goes down for 2nd nap and Jake works on school work
2:15- Jake lays down for quiet time
3:00- mommy cleans up from the day
4:00- Daddy comes homeAnd then the rest of the day we spend however we want.

I just like to have a schedule for me and the boys during the day because it makes things go by so much faster and we have such an easy day!

I also got a call from the PT yesterday saying that now that tyler is walking he is no longer qualifyed for PT. I am pretty upset about that. I know I should be happy but I really liked him being in it and I thought it helped him out a lot. And what I dont get is when she said "And if the test comes out positive for WS he will be qualifyed again." So just because my son has a disability it makes him qualifyed even tho he is doing the exact same stuff he is now. Its just strange to me. We should be hearing the test results very soon. She said early this week and its been early this week. So hopefully I will know something today!!

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Lisa R said...

What a great system you have worked out...We get up at 5 too:) well Tatum gets up at 5...Now if you could put a system in place for me I would be rolling....

The PT thing stumps me too,it really does not make much sense. Keep your head up while waiting to hear I'll be thinking about you and your family.