Monday, June 19, 2006

I just feel so bad for Tyler sometimes. I know he doesnt know any better but its getting really hard on me. He is constantly having diareah, His nose is always dripping, if he gets around too many kids he gets sick, he is alway wheezing. And there is nothing I can do for it!! Thats why I feel so bad. I wish we could just hurry up and find what is wrong with him so that we can get some kind of treatment started. And if nothing is wrong, than they need to focus on why his nose is always dripping, and why he always has diareah. This process seems like its going to take years to complete and I am not looking forward to going that long with this. I just want my baby to be healthy and happy!! He is completly miserable right now because he is so sick. We went and played at the mall on Friday and now are we paying for that. Back to the doctors to say we have another ear infection and get put on breathing treatments again. It was a nice 2 months without a breathing treatment but I guess good times have to end sooner or later right? In the next few weeks we are going to be changing doctors. Not because the one we have is not doing a good job, because she is great. Its just that we have a guy that lives down the street and goes to our church that is opening up another practice and so we want to get in wtih him. Its just so much easier to have someone we know and trust as a doctor and also because of tylers health problems he is so close that if we ever need him after hours he can help tyler because hes his doctor. I ask him so many questtions right now but he cant ever answer me because he isnt Tylers doctor and he could get in trouble for telling me something. So now he will be able to look at Tyler when hes sick and let me know what he thinks is wrong. Which will be so much better! Expecially if Tyler does end up having a disease.

I hope everyone had a nice fathers day and told the father in their lives that they love them.


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Lisa R said...

I am sure you have already been over this but ear tubes did wonders for Emma.