Thursday, September 23, 2010

When we got home from the hospital on friday Jacob started complaining of a headache. It was more of a "mom my head hurts" and then I would say something like ok go lay down and off he would go and play and act normal. So I didnt think anything of it. And then Tuesday night him and Tyler were laying down in the front room watching tv and I hear him scream and start to cry. I look over and his head is on the ground. So I tell him to walk to me. He did and I asked him what was wrong. he told me that his head hurt so bad. Tom and I thought he was getting a migraine so I told him to go lay down in bed. He went right to bed and layed there for about an hour. Then he was fine after that. An hour later I noticed Tyler was already asleep on the couch and Jacob was on the chair with a blanket covering his body and the pillow over his head. I figure he got another migraine and he was trying to keep the light and sound away. So we woke him up and when we did I asked him if his head still hurt. It did so I gave him some tylenol. He went to bed and didnt wake up all night. In the morning I asked him if his head hurt and he said it did. But then he said "I cant go to school...but I can go to scouts." So I figured he was faking and I sent him off to school. About 9 am I get a phone call from the lady in the front office and she said that Mrs Bergman said that he started to get a headache and he just was not acting like himself. He started to get really pale so she was going to take him across the hall to lay down on the couch. When she was walking him over there he passed out in her arms. So they had to call the fire department to come look him over. I arrived after the fire dept was there and so they were already doing their checks on him and trying to get him to be responsive. Jacob's blood pressure was very low so they had to check his blood pressure standing up. When they had him stand up he passed out again. So they decided that they needed to call the ambulance to take him to the hospital.

So off we went to PCH again. The first doc came in and checked him over. It was just a resident doctor. I have never had good luck with those. Usually they have no idea what they are talking about and is always completely wrong with what they say! He said that since they reported that there was some tenderness in his tummy he would check it out himself. Jacob started laughing and the doc was like oh hes ticklish. I had to tell him no...that's how he says it hurts. Since Jacob doesn't feel pain like we do its hard for him to know whats pain and whats not. And ive seen that when Jacob laughs like that it usually means its painful. Because of our recent history of just being admitted he wanted to get an xray done of his belly and just see whats going on in there. So we went to xray and a few min after we were done he came back and said that from the looks of the xray he has MORE poop in his system than his first xray showed BEFORE we did the clean out. I was actually mad because I had thought they released us without having him all cleaned out. And if they did that, then they were going to have momma bear attack! But he said that he looked at the xray that they took when we left and it showed there was nothing but air in his system. So from Friday until Wednesday some how it all came back! Now im not a doc but that just doesn't seem right. So he wanted to give Jacob an enema but I said NO! He wont tolerate that and if there is poop still in his system he needs to get it out again. So I told him to please call GI and talk to them. So he called and talked to another doc in the practice and they said to admit him. But they have no beds. SO they sent us home and said they would call us when a bed is available. Last time they did this they called us within a few hours. But so far we have waited over 12 hours so far and nothing yet. So hopefully they will call us soon! I assume they are going to have to do another clean out with him. But not only do we need to get that taken care of but now his headaches and what caused him to pass out. And then we have to figure out how and why so much poop came back so fast. I actually got a call from the GI last night around 5 as we were driving home from the ER and they said that we never saw a nutritionist when we were there last time and they were upset over that. We need to see one before we leave the hospital this time. The nurses should of made sure we saw one but they told me that it was not in the hospital orders...when it clearly was. So this time we will also see one of those. Hopefully this hospital visit wont be longer than the last. I was about to claw my way out of there by the 2nd day!

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