Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trying something new!

In my quest to better myself I decided that I needed to take up blogging again. It usually helps me lift some stress off of my shoulders to kind of just let things go. So hopefully I will be better at this blogging thing. I know not very many people read this blog and that's totally fine with me. But as I found out a month or so ago, it's so much fun to go back and see what I blogged about and remember some good and not so good memories. If I never blogged I would of totally forgot about Jacobs autism "anniversary" because I had totally forgotten the date. But I blogged about it and the date and everything and now I will always remember that its on February 2nd. Or the feelings I felt when Tyler was going through a bunch of genetic testing. It brought back some sad memories of those times but I'm glad that I had those feelings written down to look back on.

But I found an easier way to blog and hopefully this will help me want to blog more. A WONDERFUL lady from my ward gave me a copy of the office software and on the Microsoft word it has where you can type a blog post into a document and it will automatically import it right to the blogger website. I thought this was awesome and probably a whole lot easier for me to type them out and get the published.


Mike and Deb said...

we always read your blog when you update!!! Glad to see you doing it again.

Tom said...