Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today I took Tyler to get evaluated for the special needs preschool. He has a little speech delay but he is delayed in other things as well. So I figured it wouldn't hurt to get him evaluated. Turns out he is delayed in 4 of the 7 areas they look at. So we will be going back in August and get another eval and then hopefully he can start school by the first of September. That would be really nice for him...and for me! That break would be awesome!!
Jacob is going to get his tonsils out tomorrow. I am pretty nervous about it. I dont know why I am so nervous since its a very small surgery but I cant help but be nervous. Im a mom and I am a worried mom at that haha. I am sure he is going to be fine. I cant wait to see about whats going to happen when he is all fine. They told me that he could calm down a little bit and sleep better. I am so excited to see if he can finally sleep without being medicated. That would be awesome!

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