Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An update

I am going to update since the last time I updated the blog.

I eventually got Tyler evaluated for the preschool. And well, he passed! So he got to be in the same class as his cousin Caleb. It has been so much fun for the both of them. They are such good little friends. They play together every day at school and it has been good for them both, socially. Well what we got also when he got evaluated was another autism diagnosis. Yep! That makes 2 kids with autism for me. Although Tyler does not have it like Jacob does, but he still has it. We did not qualify for services, like Jacob gets through the state, but that's ok. I know enough to work with Tyler on the things that he needs help learning. Tyler got the diagnosis because of his social/emotional problems. But since starting preschool his social skills are getting so much better! He also has a few fine motor issues that need to be addressed through an occupational therapist that he sees at school along with the speech therapist. His speech is getting a little better, but I see him having to continue that through next year. I can't believe that he officially starts kindergarten next year!!! I will have BOTH boys in school and have lots of free time for mom! I am not sure what I'm going to do with myself. People ask if I will have more kids and I think after having all this time to myself I would be crazy to have another baby right now. Although I do feel like there is another child that needs to come to our family through adoption. I have felt this way for a very long time. But there is no way we can afford that right now. So I guess we will know when that time comes.

Jacob got his tonsils out June 26th. I was really nervous about it and I had no one to go with me to keep me company. So Sharon said that she would come with us since she had that day off. I am so glad she did. What an awesome friend she is, right?!?! Well we ended up playing a fun card game to take my mind off of him being in surgery. And it went a whole lot faster than I thought it was going to go. And he was a rock star! He did awesome. He had a little bit of trouble coming out of the sleepy meds but he normally does. When we got him home he was a little calm and stayed down pretty much the rest of the day. But after that it was all over with. He wanted to eat but he couldn't. I didn't know this but he snuck a piece of pizza that next day and ate it! He never wanted any of the soft foods that he was supposed to eat. But it healed perfect and it actually healed pretty fast. So we were pretty happy with that.

On the Jacob note…he had another little procedure done a few weeks ago. A few Sundays ago he came to me and said look at this mommy. And he showed me his toe where he had this big black mark on it. At first I thought he drew on his toe with a marker or something so I tried wiping it off. But I felt that it was raised and it looked like it was something stuck in his skin. So off we went to the phx childrens hospital urgent care. And when we got to see the doctor he kind of ripped into me for bringing him. There were lots of other sick kids waiting but I felt that Jacob needed to be seen. So the doc assured me that it was only a marker mark and that I should of just taken him to the pediatrician in the morning. When I told him NO it's not just a marker its raised. He was pretty concerned. He even had all the other doctors come in and take a look at it. No one could figure out what it was. He then told me that we needed to get in to see the dermatologist ASAP the next day. He was worried that it could be melanoma. So the next day comes and we get right in to see the doc later that afternoon. And he comes in with 6 other doctors. And they all take a look at it trying to figure out what it was. They also thought that it was melanoma of some sort. So the doc took a biopsy of it. He ended up taking off the whole thing and sending it in to get looked at. 2 days later I get a phone call from the doctor and he said that it was only a blood blister haha. He sure did scare us! It was really weird that that's all it was because it sure did not look like a blood blister.

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