Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ok I got tagged on Carlies blog so here I go!

1. What were your nicknames in high school? Didnt really have a nickname except Brit.

2. Did you do any extra curricular activities in high school? nope...nothing.

3.What did you do with your free time? Hung out with friends and worked.

4. Coolest /Funnest thing you did as a teenager? I think one of the funnest things I did when I was a teenager was either go to EFY or go to Snowflake with Sharon quite a few times to visit our friends there...haha.

5. Did you have a boyfriend in high school? Not until the end of my Senior year I started dating Tom

6. Songs that come to mind? haha this might be a little emberassing. Sublime songs...lots of dave matthews band...LL Cool J...haha

7. What did you think you would be when you grew up? something to do with sign language.

8. How did you picture yourself? I was a little shy...I only really talked to my friends although I talked a lot (and still do) I thought I was pretty fun to be around. Always trying to have fun

9. Fun/silly Memories? Going to Bahama Bucks every weekend just about because Sharon worked there and we thought it was so much fun to go and hang out there. We got to try all the flavers we wanted...and we thought her manager was cute...haha

10. Most embarrassing moment? Asking a guy I really liked to a dance and having his mom call and say he couldnt go.
I tag anyone who wants to do it. Its fun!!

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Sharon said...

Man we had some good times back in high school! Some days I wish we could go back, but then I think about all the crazy stupid stuff we did and think "what were we thinking?" (for example: taking all those pics of you know who at the park and then looking at them all the time!!!)hahaha good times!!!!