Sunday, July 20, 2008

So, this weekend we went up north to Lakeside for my birthday. It was a lot of fun and we did a lot of fun stuff. The best part was...I got a camera for my birthday. YAY thanks so much mom and dad!!! So this post will finally have pictures!!!

For some reason the pictures did something funny. Just click on the pictures to see them.

So we got there Friday night and just relaxed, ate dinner, and then went to bed. We had to be up really early Saturday morning (my birthday) because we were going to the parade in Snowflake for Pioneer Day. So we are out of the house by 750 am and as we are driving to Snowflake for the parade. Here are a few pictures from that fun time!!



My nieces Taylor and Madyson are such big helpers. They helped so good with Tyler and making sure he didn't run to where the parade was. EVERYONE was throwing candy and so Tyler liked to run and get the candy even when the floats were coming.



So then we were leaving from the parade and we decided to stop at Trappers for some pie. If you have been to snowflake then im sure you have been to trappers. They have THE BEST PIE!!! And I was so excited to get some for my birthday. So when we were in Show Low we were stopped at a stop light looking at the helicopters that were just landing at the hospital. All of a sudden we get hit from the back by another car!!! I was so shocked and I wasnt really sure what just happened. I kept saying to myself...did we just get hit? But we pulled over and sure enough we got hit! Everyone was fine but most of us have stiff backs/necks and my arm and head hurt really bad. What a great birthday present eh? Here is some of the damage that happened.


So then we finally got home after waiting for the police for about an hour and getting out of there like 2 hours later. When we got home I had the kids helping me make some home made ice cream. When it was done in the machine I brought some up for the kids. They attacked it like crazy and thought it was so funny.


And then we had dinner and pie...and it was over all a pretty good birthday.

Thanks for the emails and everything from people wishing me a happy birthday =) I appreciate it!!


Katie said...

Happy birthday! To fix your pictures, you can try resizing them down before posting them. Maybe they are just too big that they can't fit in the allotted space? Don't know if it will work, but it's worth a try.

Kyla said...

Happy Birthday! What a FUN way to spend it! Family, Parade, car accident! Every girl's dream... ;)

Amy said...

Happy belated B-Day! (Sorry about the accident!!!) That is too funny that we were both there at the same time. Too bad we didn't see each other!

The Brosemann Clan said...

wow. what a fun birthday minus the getting hit part. im glad that there are no serious problems. glad u had a good time. I love homemeade iceream

Becky Rogers said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Hey my husband is about to graduate as a Chiropractor so I wish I could say to zip on over and get adjusted and X-rayed from the accident, but his licensing does not go thru for a few months. :( But, my brother-in-law is one and has an office in Tempe called Preferred Chiro. Check it out if you guys need some chiro work.

Becky Bevans said...

Britney Hey its Becky Bevans I was looking at My Daughter in laws blog and then at Carlie's then I saw yours how are you!!! I love the pictures and I too am sad to hear you got in an accident it is not fun. Hope you had a great b day give me a call sometime.