Wednesday, August 20, 2008

***Ok, I am so mad. I just had a big post all typed up, I hit the keyboard and it deleted!!! So hopefully I can remember what I posted***

We just got the best news! A few months ago they took away the scholarships for the kids with special needs to go to private schools. That was a BAD thing for a lot of us! A few days ago they found an account that had 5 million dollars in it. And so they said they could use that money to fund the scholarships. Well just tonight we got an email saying that it did indeed pass!! And that they will be having a press conference tomorrow to reinstate the scholarships. I am beyond excited and hope this is not false hope. We need this to happen...badly. We just got word that we are using all of our hab hours and respite hours and we dont even have enough to use for our date nights anymore. So we will finally get all our hours back!! Which means Jacob will finally be able to get ABA therapy again. For those not in the therapy lingo...ABA is the behavior therapy Jacob gets daily. He has not been able to get it for a month and a half and is suffering BADLY! All of his therapists are having behavior problems and we are experiencing A LOT at home. His aggression is coming back in full force and its not fun. Just tonight, he put a blanket over Tyler twice and sat on him with the blanket over him. I talked with his Occupational Therapist and we decided that we are going to put him back on the Gluten Free diet. We had him on it before and didnt see very many results. And we think its because he was on Meds as well. But since he is no longer on any meds we figured we are going to try again and see how that works. Grocery stores are carrying Gf things and so it seems a little easier to find things. So, those people who are GF...please email me some good recipes that my whole family would enjoy. I dont like cooking 2 meals but I will if I have to.

In other Jacob news...his birthday is next week. I cant believe that I will have a 6 yr old next week. He is getting SO BIG!! And really...he is so tall I am scared to see what he will be when he is done growing. He is learning so much every day and im so happy to be his mom!! I have been homeschooling him since the scholarships got taken away...and its so fun to see everything he learns. He is SO SMART and amazes me every day. Right now he is obsessed with street names. He can tell you exactly what street we are on and when we are at a light he can usually tell me the cross roads we are on.


Sharon said...

That is so great Britney! I am so happy for you and Jacob. Keep me updated!

Abby Runyan said...

That 's great news. i need to hear more about this scholoarship stuff. Also I have lots of GF/CF recipes. I think you forsure should do it. Also, have you thought of taking him to a good DAN doctor? Dr. Bradstreet just opened up a practice here in AZ and is awesome. You can get funding for it through a charity called ACT.

Becky Rogers said...

What great news about the funding. Hopefully the Gluten free diet works. Keep us all posted!