Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy May everyone =) haha

So yesterday was a pretty fun day. Jacob does not have therapy on Wednesdays so I usually dread the day because im usually stressed out. But it was actually a good day yesterday. We started off the day by going to a new therapy appointment. We got Jacob a new physical therapist. She was really nice and we really like her. When she came out she asked me if Jacob had ever had braces on his legs or orthopedics in his shoes. I told her no, no one has ever said he needed them. She told me that his feet are very flat and he walks on the side of his feet on his bones and if he keeps doing that then his feet are going to grow like that and when hes older hes going to have some major problems. So we have to take him to the doc and see what he wants to do. I just picture my son like forrest gump with the braces on his legs...haha.

Then we came home and did some school work and then Jacob's respite guy came and got him and they left for a few hours. When Jacob got home we all took a much needed nap. Although it made me miss something very important for church. We woke up and went and rented a movie from those movie machine things that are only 1.00. Then we had to go to the grocery store so we went to walmart, we came home, I put the movie on for the boys and made them dinner and then by 7pm they were out! Today is going to be a different day, im sure.

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