Monday, March 24, 2008

I can't believe I left out some very important info from that last post. First of all...I now have NO MORE KIDS IN DIAPERS!!! Thats right...Tyler is now finally potty trained!!! We have gone a whole week with no diapers and no accidents even nap time and bedtime!!! It is soo nice to not have to worry about changing diapers anymore.

Also, I have started to homeschool both kiddoes. Tyler gets it 3 days a week and Jacob gets it every day. I am really enjoying it and they are actually learning and having a lot of fun. It is so nice to see that they learned something that I taught them. I think its awesome and I love how I feel when im teaching them. Its great that we get to incorporate our LDS teachings into our school work.

Now...there has been this bill going around here called Stevens Law. And what it is, is it makes it so that behavior therapy (ABA) and Hab therapies would be covered by private insurances. Also stuff like Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Music therapys would all be covered. Well on Friday the Gov. passed it!! YAY we are all so excited! So what does this mean for us? Well come Jacob's 6th bday we may be losing all of our services through the state because he isnt as severe as most kids are in Autism that he may not meet the requirements they have for 6 year olds. But he is only this good because of the therapies he has been in. So if he doesnt get them he Will go back to his old self. I saw it this past week. He didnt have therapy almost all week and by Wednesday you could really tell he was gone without therapy. He had NO eye contact, he was just really out of it and not in tune with the world. And im scared that if he loses his services he will go back to what he was before therapy. Well because this law passed it means that we will still be able to get all therapy's even after hes 6 through our private insurance. I am so excited and I can not wait until I get that notice saying we will be able to get it on our insurance now!!


Sharon said...

I am totally jealous!! I wish Rebecca would be fully potty trained!! I am happy to hear about that new law though! That is great!!!

Abby Runyan said...

I'm totally jealous!! JoJo is no where in that yet. Hopefully soon though. So are you not going to LIFE anymore, since you are homeschooling? We move in 2 months cant wait.

Carlie said...

awesome on everything. Thats so great. I finally found pics the back in the day and I found some with you and I in them, I'm guna wait till your b-day to post them, so just make sure on july 19th that you check out my blog.

Kaylea said...

yeah, thats good news about the insurance

and yeah for no more diapers!