Monday, September 24, 2007

Ok, so a few people posted this on their blogs so I thought I would too!!
1. Where would you say your testimony is the strongest? I have a few. First of all is Tithing! Sometimes it sucks having to pay 10% of our paycheck every pay period but I can not express all of the blessings we have gotten from paying our tithing. Next would be prayer! I know that if I ever need anything I can pray. And last would be the relief society. The fellowship and love that our ward RS has is just great!!
2. What do you struggle with the most (church related)? hmm probably reading and understanding the scriptures. I love to read them but sometimes what I read just goes right through me...haha
3. Do you have your food storage? Yeah I am starting it. I try to buy a few cans a month of food.
4. Do you have a favorite scripture? ok so I had to get my scriptures out for this one. I heard it in RS a few months ago and for some reason I just have not been able to forget it.
Alma 26:22
Yea, he that repenteth and rexerciseth faith, and bringeth forth good works, and prayeth continually without ceasing--unto suck it is given to knwo the mysteries of god; Yea, unto such it shall be given unto such to bring thosands of souls to repentance, even as sands of souls to repentance, even as it has been given unto us to bring these our bretheren to repentance.
5. What is your favorite Church hymn? I am a child of God, plain and simple
6. Do you have Any Sunday Traditions? Just relaxing and spending time with the family.
7. Do you have a Patriarchal Blessing? Not yet but that reminds me, I have to get it done. We have our recomends for it but havent called about it yet. Tom and I are both getting ours together.
8. Do you believe in angels? YES I do!!
9. Do you like the ward you're in? Yep I love it. I have my parents AND my brother and sister in law in it so its great!!
10. What callings have you had? Visiting Teaching Supervisor and Primary teacher to the sunbeams which im now...but havent started it yet.
11. What calling do you want? I would like to be back in RS. im sad im going to have to leave.
12. What calling do you hold now? Sunbeams teacher
13. Who out of your friends do you get spiritually lifted from? I would have to say my husband Tom. He has come such a long way and he always knows what to say spiritually to me when I need it.
14. Personally what do you need to work on with the church? Service, definintly.
15. Were you married/sealed in a temple...Tom and I were married Dec 8th 2001 in our church building and then April 2006 we were sealed in the temple with our kids =) it was the BEST experience ever. To have your husband and boys being with you at the alter was such a great feeling You could definintly feel the spirit in the room. To see my son that has severe ADHD sit there still for the entire time was just amazing by itself! There was not an empty seat in the room, everyone came to support us and we love each and every person for being there.
16. Do you have a favorite temple? I have not been inside any other temple but the Mesa one, but I do love the SLC temple it is so beautiful.
Ok, now I challenge everyone to do this on their blogs! Even if you are not of our faith, change it to where you can fill it out.


Carlie said...

I love how you and tom are so active(again) it makes me happy to see and hear that my friends and their families are happy. I'm so glad that you guys got sealed. Thanks for the name of the song, I didnt know the name or the artist and the artist I wanted was male, but I found it. The artists name is Robie Williams. I have it on my music now.

Kaylea said...

fun to read