Sunday, September 16, 2007

I guess I have been slacking on my posting on here. So here is all what have been happening in the Priestley household.
As some of you know, we have been having major problems with Jacob and his school/teachers/being in school all together. We get many notes and phone calls about his behavior and how aggressive he is to other kids. I had been thinking about taking him out of Kindergarten for a while but I really couldn't find a place to put him instead of being in school. Then I was introduced to this thing called structured hab at his therapy place. What they do, is they teach kids with autism (or any other special needs) how to act in a classroom setting. They have the room set up like a class and they work on special goals that the kids need to work on when they are in school. So hopefully a year of this and by next year he will be ready to go back to kindergarten. We were going to hold him back anyways because hes very young. His bday was 3 days before the cut off to go to school so that's another reason it was a very easy decision. His last day was on Friday and I didn't find out until Friday morning that we were able to get in on Monday. So it was very sudden and exciting. So I got a phone call from his teacher asking if we could come in for a meeting on Tuesday with the school psych and him. They wanted to talk about "options" for Jacob. So I had the opportunity to tell him that they didn't need to worry about that, I would be taking him out and that it was his last day. His teacher seemed pretty upset that I was taking him out...but I bet he was probably happy he didn't have to deal with Jacob anymore. Its sad and I wished that all the special ed teachers had more training in special ed...not just being thrown in the class. He doesn't understand Autism and that's why it was so hard for him to have a good relationship with Jacob. And I think that a lot of the aggression on Jacobs part was because he was frustrated. He needed more help than what his teacher/aids could give him, so this therapy is just what he needs. Here are a few pictures from the past week! So I just realized all the pictures I have taken are all of tyler...haha I need to take some of Jacob.

This is when we went to Neilsons with Shelly and my mom.

Tom and I were going to go out with some friends last weekend. We were going to get all dressed up and go to a steakhouse. Well our babysitter fell through last min so I decided to stay home and Tom didn't want to cancel on our friends so he took tyler. They both got all dressed up and Tyler was his date for the night. They had a great time and Tyler was passed out even before they left the restaurant.


Sharon said...

Finally you updated it! Cute pics!! I hope all works out with Jake, I'm sure it will be a positive change!

Shelly Lomu said...

I cant believe you took him out of school. I hope this new thing works out. How often does he go?? Poor guy-I know he really liked Kindergarten. I cant believe that they wouldnt work harder with him. Isnt that what they are supposed to do? Thats lame. Good luck with this and I hope he does better.
Tyler is such a cutie. He looks so handsome with this hair combed.

Kaylea said...

Wow, that stinks about kindergarden. But, that's awesome you have a cool place to take him. Good luck. Cute picture of daddy and tyler. Love his hair combed.

Carlie said...

Well, I'm sure that this new program/place will help a ton. It sounds like it will. I love the pic of Tom adnd Tyler. It's so cute. Good luck with jake's new program/place.

Katie Peterson said...

I hear you about the aids not being fully trained to handle all that they come accros in school-in regards to special needs kids. At least you know in the therapy class they know exactly what they are dealing with & how to handle Jacob. Good luck!