Friday, September 21, 2007

I first wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister Shelly!!! I wish we could be there to help you celebrate...hope you have a fun weekend and your kids are good for you today, haha.

I love ebay! I have found so many cool things on that website. I love bidding on things and getting good deals. I recently found this GREAT store someone has. Its a lady who has a child with Autism and she sells a lot of different autism things. Here are a few of my favs..

First is...This is one of the best things we have. Its a chewy tube. Ours is red and it is a lifesaver! Jacob loves to chew. He chews on everything he can. He started chewing on his fingers and toes and then they would get infected so we got him one of these. And now when he wants to chew, he goes for this.

This next toy we have a few of. Its called a fidget toy. Since Jacob also has ADHD he fidgets A LOT. Some of the time, he just needs something to play with to keep his hands busy. Expecially when we are at the grocery store or something. He is constantly touching things because his hands need to be touching things. So this comes in handy so he doesnt have to touch everything. And this also lights up, so it works as a sensory object as well, which Jacob loves.

Now this, is something I dont have, but I want really bad so I may be ordering one soon. Its a weighted neck pad that looks like a dog. Some kids with autsim/ADHD need to have pressure as part of sensory. When Jacob is really hyper we have to take him and start rubbing his arms and legs and it usually calms him down. So what this does is you put it on their necks and it puts pressure on them and will work the same way. Plus you can heat it up and so its a nice calming feel.
Now this is something else I dont have but I want. Its something you put on your window and it basically says that if there was an emergency there is a child with autism in the car and he may not respond to verbal comand. I think everyone that has a child with autism needs this. If something were to happen and we were in a car accident or something, there is no way Jacob could talk to someone and tell them what happend or if he was hurt or whatever. Im sure if something happend Jake would probably be freaking out.Well thats it for now. If you have a child with autism and you want to buy some of this stuff or if you just want to look at all she has, here is the link Autism Superstore


Megan said...

I kind of want one of those puppy things. :) Im sure it would feel good when you are all tense. You are so good with your kids, I admire you so much!! We still need to get together sometime and do lunch.

Kaylea said...

Wow, I had no idea there was so much out there to help Autism people out. That's cool. I don't know how you keep up with two boys that have it. You must be SO patient. You're awesome. Keep it up!

Missy said...

Hey Brit! Those are some cool toys. You are so great for researching and learning as much as you can about Autism...such a good Mom. I hope that all works out with Jake at his new school. It is so hard when you have to deal with teachers that don't connect with your child. I wish you the best of luck. And so cute about your hubby taking Tyler to dinner!

Shelly Lomu said...

Thanks for the shout. I had a great birthday-it was so fun to see Mom and Stacy, they really made it a fun time being 30 and all. Those toys look cool, im with Megan on this one-I want one of the puppy things. Awesome.