Thursday, November 15, 2012

Next hospital visit

Oct 24th we went to the ped office because Jake was having a hard time going pee. I was a little worried about him being backed up but not to much. I asked the doctor about it and he said he didnt feel poop, so that was good. He didnt know what was wrong with Jake peeing and sent us on our way. Well a few days later we were at the mall and Jake had to pee. He went to the bathroom and we all went to the bathroom as well. jake is usually the first one done and so when we all got out of the bathroom we saw that jacob was still in there. We sent Tyler into the stall and Tyler said he was going poop. I was happy so we let Jake stay there for a bit to finish. About 2 min later he comes out pretty upset. I asked him if he went poop and he said no. He was trying to go pee. He said that he could not pee and it hurt really bad when he was trying. So we went right home. Again Jake tried to pee and could only go a little bit and it was super painful. I sent him to bed and started asking people about it and if we should take him to the ER. Everyone said to take him to the ER just to check him out so we did! When we saw the PA she said that it sounded like constipation and lets do an xray to see whats going on. Since we had just bee at the peds earlier that week I knew it was not a constipation issue. But when the actual ER doc came in, I knew it was bad. He told me that Jake was severely backed up and that he had a rock of poop that was blocking his bladder and making it so he couldnt pee and we had to admit him for a clean out. I was devastated!!! I was NOT expecting it at all! Jake was upset and so was I. So they say they need to admit us ASAP. we went to the triage room and stayed there until they got us a room. They came back and said that they probably wouldnt have us a room that night and they would have to do his tube in the ER room. Once again, Jake was NOT happy!! It was something different and he did not want to have his tube there. He wanted his tube on the floor like always. But they wanted his tube in ASAP! So after 30 min of convincing him...he got his tube. And OH MY GOSH, he did awesome!!! Every time he gets his tube he crys and throws up or gags..this time he just sat there and let them put it in there. No throwing up or gagging! I was so proud of him. About 10 min after they got the tube in, they came in and said they had a room for us! It was about 10 pm at this time. When we finally got to our room it was about midnight! The doc was on the floor and we needed to talk to the doctor before we could start his meds because she needed to sign off on it. But the thing is, the doc had laryngitis. I didnt have ANY of our stuff with us and I was told that I could not leave until we see the doc. She didnt come until 4 am!! So I wasnt able to leave and get our stuff. So I had to go home a few hours later after Tom and Tyler woke up. This whole visit was a mess. We only saw the doctor one time and she came in at 5 am and didnt even go see Jake. She just stood at the door and talk to me for a few. Later that day, Jake started to get clear. So YAY we were so happy because it was going a lot faster than normal. I usually keep track of every time he poops and normally he goes every 4-5 hours but this time he was going every 1-2 hours! The next morning the doc said she wanted Jake to eat. I thought that was odd because he never is told to eat in the middle of the clean out. So he ate and he still wasnt 100% clear. The doc was going to release us that morning but I demanded an xray. A few hours later the nurse comes in and said that the doc said his xray looked good enough and he needed to eat something else. So again he eats something. During these times his poop is still NOT CLEAR but the doc wanted us out anyways. It was the worst hospital experience we have ever had!

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