Thursday, November 15, 2012

doc visit after hospital

So they tell us that we need to see the ped after our hospital visits. Sometimes I do, sometimes I dont. We are there so often that I dont go a whole lot when we should. This time I decided to make an appt with him because Jake had been having peeing issues again! So we go in his office and talk to him about it. I just thought he would give us a referal to urology and to get it seen by them. But he felt his belly and thought that he felt poop again. So he sent us right away to get an xray. A few hours later he called me saying that it came back that Jake was full...AGAIN!! So a few weeks after the hospital visit and hes back to being full. I just KNEW he was not clear. So he told us to call GI and see what they wanted to do. We put in a call to GI and nurse vickie called us back. I told her all about what happened at the hospital and she was angry! She said that she looked at the xray and it said that there was a change in the xray. Thats it! And the hospital doc said that he was fine to go?!? Both of us were livid! I told them that I want to start seeing GI every time we go now because I want them to sign off on Jake getting released from the hospital. I want them to look at the xray and make sure that Jake is all clear. Because if he is not 100% clear...then he gets right back up full again. The nurse calls me back a few hours later. She said that she had talked to the GI doc and that she said that she wants to think about maybe putting a Gtube in Jake for these clean outs. Also she wanted to do a rectal biopsy. But the GI docs dont do it. He would need to go to the general ped surgeon. So GI doc was going to email the surgeon and let me know what he says. On Monday I got a call from the nurse saying that doc mendez got an email from the surgeon saying that he agreed with what Doc Mendez said about Jake and that he is willing to do the surgeries. So today we get a call from the surgeon office and he said that the doctor wants to take 45 min to talk to us about Jake and his issues and what is going on. he also wanted to require Tom and I both to be there so that he could talk to both of us. I am a little worried about the appt but thank goodness its not for another month! So I will put the update on here once we go to the doc office.

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