Monday, May 24, 2010

I have been having some not so good feelings lately and I thought that if I just wrote them down I would feel better…so here I go!

I am having such a hard time moving. Not sure why its been so hard on me. Well it could be the fact that I had to take Jacob away from the people that mean the most to him. Every time I think about it I start to cry. Every time we see his friends or teachers…I start to cry. It's been harder on me than it has him I think. I had no idea that there was so much love in his little body for these special friends. And the fact that they feel the same way is amazing. I am just glad that they are still able to see each other and play with each other.

Or the fact that I'm just so tired all the time. Having the kid's home all day has been really tiring on me. I don't ever get a break from them. I feel like I never have a time to recharge my batteries. So being tired makes me grumpy…and I'm just not nice to be around anymore. I did get to have a little break last Friday and it was amazing!! I am so glad that I got to get out and have a good time. Glad to of been able to make some new friends. That's another thing on my list. I don't really have any friends out here. Most of all the friends I had before I moved now act as if I don't exist anymore. It's like I moved too far away to be their friend. I don't get why people don't think that we can still hang out it just takes me a little bit longer to get there haha. I know that I will make friends out here…it just takes time.

Ok so I think I feel a little bit better. I just need to sleep…at a decent time. I just need to get out and do something fun to get my mind back to where it was before. No more poor me posts…I promise!! Haha


Katie said...

I know we're not close, but I can tell you that I totally understand how you feel... being away from familiar places is hard, and sometimes I feel "out of sight - out of mind" too. I don't have a whole lot of advice, as it's something I still struggle with, and I've been away almost 7 years! But just wanted to give you a ((hug)) and let you know that you are not alone in your feelings! I hope you can make some new friends in your area, or plan a girls night out or something.

Amy said...

I think it's great to have a "poor me" post sometimes! It's therapeutic and good to let people know how you're feeling. You're a hard working mama! I hope you get through things, and life brightens up a bit! If you ever want to get together & have a "reunion" that would be great!

the Provident Woman said...

I hope things are going better. I have always lived in the same town. What stinks is that all of my good friends move away. Not just a couple of hours away, but clear accross the U.S. My closed friend just moved. Such a bummer. And never feel bad about posting a "poor me" post. We need them from time to time. Why else blog if not to vent sometimes.

Ranee said...

You know me! All I have to say is" Hook me up fat with an banana split, YO! Seriously...let's do lunch sometime! Just you, me, and something frozen a delectable for dessert! Lulu's here we come! Hugs! LOVE YOU! :D)