Sunday, June 29, 2008

This past week Tom was away at scout camp. He had to take my car and so I was left carless. So the boys and I decided to go up to the mountains, to Lakeside, with my Mom for a few days. It was a lot of fun...and the weather was SO MUCH better!! I wish we could just move there. While we were there my mom had a birthday. We actually left on her birthday, but we went and had ice cream at Dairy Queen for her birthday...haha.

Not much has been going on with us. We are still struggling on what to do with Jacob and where he needs to go to school at. I just told them at his therapy center that we would not be able to go on with the school for this next year. Only because we dont have the 1ooo dollars a month it cost to keep him in there. Other than that, Jacob is doing a lot better now with his behaviors and such. He is talking a whole lot better and people can actually now understand most of what he says. He still stutters a lot and when he talks fast you cant tell what he says, but over all its coming a long good.


Kermit Crew said...

I understand about the whole stuttering thing with Jake, because we deal with that with Gannon sometimes. Sometimes I think it's hard for him to keep his thoughts in his head long enough to say them right...does that make sense?!

Sharon said...

Britney, it is like I always tell you: you are seriously the toughest and best mom I know! You are so strong and you will find the right place for Jacob!!!