Friday, June 13, 2008

Im sure I can think of something to put other than birthday greetings. Nothing has really be going on with us lately. We went up to Lakeside for a few days and that was a lot of fun. My neices and nephew have been here for the past week while my sister was at girls camp and we have had a lot of fun with them. Jacob and Joshua have really had fun playing together.

The only real news is that the state took away the scholarships for everyone...not just us. Its been really hard on a lot of people. I never posted, but we did end up getting accepted and so we were excited to be able to go to the school we want. But since they took it away we are now going to home school because that is our only choice. But if for whatever reason they bring the scholarships back we will put him back in the private school.

Also, Jacobs therapy center did a little commercial about their center and had it playing on cox tv and Jacob is in it twice!! Here is the link to it its really cool to see him in it and I was so proud haha.

Ok, here is another birthday greeting...its LANIS BIRTHDAY!!! Happy birthday Lani! She is turning 7!! We are sad we cant celebrate with you hopefully we will see you guys soon.


Sharon said...

Nice commercial! It is cool to see Jake in there! I am sure it will all work out with the home schooling. You are one awesome Mom!!

Shelly Lomu said...

What a bummer. I cant believe you are going to home school. You are one brave lady. Thanks for the shout out. Lani feels special. Are you gonna come visit anytime soon? Hope things are well.